Experimental and Finite Element Analyses of the Hydrostatic Cyclic Expansion Extrusion (HCEE) Process with Back-Pressure

دوره 52، شماره 1، شهریور 2019، صفحه 25-31
Farshad Samadpour؛ Armin Siahsarani؛ Ghader Faraji؛ Mostafa Bahrami


Microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ91 tubes fabricated by Multi-pass Parallel Tubular Channel Angular Pressing

دوره 50، شماره 1، شهریور 2017، صفحه 16-22
Hooman Abdolvand؛ Ghader Faraji؛ Javad Shahbazi Karami


Processing and Characterization of Natural Hydroxyapatite Powder from Bovine Bone

دوره 53، شماره 2، اسفند 2020، صفحه 204-209
Mahsa Shabani؛ Ghader Faraji

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