Application of Shape Memory Alloys in Seismic Isolation: A Review

دوره 47، شماره 2، اسفند 2014، صفحه 153-171
Shaghayegh Alvandi؛ Mehdi Ghassemieh


A Superelastic Retrofitting Method for Mitigating the Effects of Seismic Excitations on Irregular Bridges

دوره 51، شماره 1، شهریور 2018، صفحه 147-168
Dr. Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Seyed Mohyedin Ghodratian؛ Mohammad Khanmohmmadi؛ Mahmoud Baei


Concrete Filled Tubular Bracing Subjected to Cyclic Loading

دوره 50، شماره 1، شهریور 2017، صفحه 165-177
Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Zahra Saneeinia؛ Mahmoud Baei


Impact of Integration on Straining Modes and Shear-Locking for Plane Stress Finite Elements

دوره 51، شماره 2، اسفند 2018، صفحه 425-443
Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Behrouz Badrkhani Ajaei


The Effect of Out of Plane Perpendicular Beams on the Ductility Demand of Steel Moment Framed Structures during Progressive Collapse

دوره 54، شماره 1، شهریور 2021، صفحه 75-92
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi؛ Mehdi Ghassemieh؛ Armin Valadbeigi

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