Comparative Analysis between Active Contour and Otsu Thresholding Segmentation Algorithms in Segmenting Brain Tumor Magnetic Resonance Imaging

دوره 12، Special Issue: Deep Learning for Visual Information Analytics and Management.، 2020، صفحه 48-61
Sarah Husham؛ Aida Mustapha؛ Salama A. Mostafa؛ Mohammed K. Al-Obaidi؛ Mazin Abed Mohammed؛ Alyaa Idrees Abdulmaged؛ S. Thomas George


Comparing the Performance of Pre-trained Deep Learning Models in Object Detection and Recognition

دوره 14، شماره 4، 2022، صفحه 40-56
Omar Ibrahim Obaid؛ Mazin Abed Mohammed؛ Akbal Omran Salman؛ Salama A. Mostafa؛ Ahmed A. Elngar


Long Short-Term Memory Approach for Coronavirus Disease Predicti

دوره 12، Special Issue: The Importance of Human Computer Interaction: Challenges, Methods and Applications.، 2020، صفحه 11-21
Omar Ibrahim Obaid؛ Mazin Abed Mohammed؛ Salama A. Mostafa

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