Comparison of Vicia villosa establishment under different cultivation seasons and methods in the Homand Absard Research Station

صفحه 1-5
A. Mohebby


Monthly variation of production of key range species in central arid rangeland, Case study: Saveh-Markazi Province, Iran

صفحه 7-13
S. Zarekia؛ M. Akbarzadeh؛ A.A. Jamali


Assessment of heavy metals in Cypress (Thuja orientalis L.) in the Yazd Highway green belt

صفحه 15-23
M. Esfandiari؛ H. Sodaiezadeh؛ M.A. Hakimzadeh Ardakani


Effects of salinity and Ca:Mg ratio of irrigation water on pistachio seedlings phosphorus planted under greenhouse conditions

صفحه 25-32
S. Saadat؛ F. Dehghany؛ H. Rezaei؛ L. Esmaeelnejad؛ P. Maleki


Effects of full and limited irrigation and contaminated soil on cadmium uptake by corn

صفحه 33-40
F. Mirzaei؛ E. Fathi؛ M. Parsinejad؛ B. Motesharezadeh؛ P. Ahmadi


Introduction of meta-harzburgites using Contact originated Minerals in the Gishaki ophiolitic area, as a part of Iranian Alpine type ophiolites

صفحه 41-51
B. Bahrambeygi؛ H. Moeinzadeh؛ S.K. Alavipanah


Monitoring tectonic activity in tunnel walls with radar interferometry: a case study of tunnels of Hormozgan Province, Iran

صفحه 53-63
M. Pourkhosravini؛ A. Mehrabi؛ Z. Amirjahanshahi


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of groundwater affected by land use change

صفحه 65-75
Sh. Javadi؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ M. Jafary؛ H. Khosravi؛ A. Abolhasani


Evaluating different spectral indices in identification and preparation of soil salinity mapping of arid region of Iran

صفحه 77-85
H.R. Matinfar؛ A. Fariabi؛ S.K. Alavipanah


Spatial prediction of soil electrical conductivity using soil axillary data, soft data derived from general linear model and error measurement

صفحه 87-99
N. Hamzehpour؛ M. Rahmati؛ B. Roohzad


The effect of bauxite mining on soil and dominant plant pollution in arid rangelands of Taft in Yazd Province

صفحه 101-108
A. Rashtian؛ N. Monemi؛ S.H. Jafari؛ H.R. Azimzadeh


Evaluating the environmental performance of the growing media in a green wall system in a dry climate region

صفحه 109-122
M. Jozay؛ F. Kazemi؛ A. Fotovat


The effect of amendments on the physical and chemical properties of soil in salt-land of Nazarabad, Alborz Province

صفحه 123-130
Sh. Yousefi Khanghah؛ H. Azarnivand؛ M.A. Zare chahoki؛ M. Jafari؛ H.R. Naseri

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