Investigation of the Joint Effect of Economic Cycles and Industry Specific Sector on Credit Scoring Models

صفحه 1-15
Seyed Mahdi Sadatrasoul؛ Reza Yousefi Zenouz؛ Mojgan Abbaz


IoT-Based Services in Banking Industry Using a Business Continuity Management Approach

صفحه 16-38
Ali Mohaghar؛ Mohammad Reza Sadeghi Moghadam؛ Reza Ghourchi Beigi؛ Rohollah Ghasemi


COVID-19 and e-Learning: The skills and abilities required for e-learners in higher education during the coronavirus era

صفحه 39-56
Fatemeh Narenji Thani؛ Fatemeh Tizhoosh Jalali؛ Zeinab sadat Mostafavi


Determining the Suitable Research Strategy in Social Media’s Stages of Growth

صفحه 57-115
Payam Hanafizadeh؛ Sepideh Shafia


Determining Journal Rank by Applying Particle Swarm Optimization-Naive Bayes Classifier

صفحه 116-125
Aji Prasetya Wibawa؛ Sulton Aji Kurniawan؛ Ilham Ari Elbaith Zaeni


Enterprise Social Media Usage and Team Performance with The Moderation of Workplace Integration: An Empirical Study of Telecommunication Sector in Pakistan

صفحه 126-143
GholamReza Zandi؛ Muhammad Sadiq Shahid؛ Shakeel Ahmed؛ Imran Ahmed Shahzad


Extended Practice of Technology Acceptance Model; Impact of Personal Innovation and Ease of Use on Internet Shopping Intentions: A Study on Apparel Buyers’ Purchase Intention in Malaysia

صفحه 144-160
GholamReza Zandi؛ Sandy Low Bee Choo؛ Imran Ahmed Shahzad؛ Mohd Farid Shamsudin


Prioritising the Key Factors Influencing the Adoption of Mobile Wallets: an Indian Perspective in Covid-19 Era

صفحه 161-182
Ashwarya Kapoor؛ Rajiv Sindwani؛ Manisha Goel

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب