Presenting a Model for the use of the Internet of Things in the Iranian Knowledge-based Companies

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khatereh Esmaeeli ranjbar؛ Ameneh Soleimani Dehdivan


Analyzing the interaction of key factors of Sustainable Business Model Innovation in the Digital Age Based on Dynamic Capabilities Using An integrative meta-synthesis and interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach

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Ayoub Mohammadian؛ Seyed Hamed Vares؛ Nastaran Hajiheydari؛ Datis Khajeheian؛ Mohammad Kargar Shouraki


Geographic Routing Scheme for Resource and Communication Efficiency in the IoT Ecosystem using Swarm-Intelligence based BFO Algorithm

صفحه 41-64
Shreyas J؛ Chethana S Reddy؛ Dharamendra Chouhan؛ P. K. Udayaprasad؛ N. N. Srinidhi؛ S. M. Dilipkumar


How to Evaluate and Improve E-Commerce Implementation and Administration Success State? a New Approach for Managing Success-Relevant Activities

صفحه 65-112
Sadra Ahmadi؛ Babak Amiri


Learning through Play: Gamification of Learning, A Systematic Review of Studies on Gamified Learning

صفحه 113-126
Sridevi Nair؛ Jain Mathew


A Framework to Evaluate Readiness for Blockchain Technology Implementation

صفحه 127-157
Faranak Hosseinpouli Mamaghani؛ Shaban Elahi؛ Alireza Hassanzadeh

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب