Guest editorial: Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) with security compliances, concerns, and application areas

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Ahmed A. Elngar؛ A B. K. Mishra؛ Hemant Kasturiwale


Breast Cancer Detection based on 3-D Mammography Images using Deep Learning Strategies

صفحه 2-18
K. Martin Sagayam؛ A. Amir Anton Jone؛ Korhan Cengiz؛ L. Rajesh؛ Ahmed A. Elngar


Android Malware Category and Family Identification Using Parallel Machine Learning

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Ahmed Hashem El Fiky؛ Mohamed Ashraf Madkour؛ Ayman El Shenawy


Comparing the Performance of Pre-trained Deep Learning Models in Object Detection and Recognition

صفحه 40-56
Omar Ibrahim Obaid؛ Mazin Abed Mohammed؛ Akbal Omran Salman؛ Salama A. Mostafa؛ Ahmed A. Elngar


Design, Realization and Measurements of Printed Patch Antenna with Circular Slots for UWB and IoT Applications

صفحه 57-68
Abdelhakim Moutaouakil؛ Younes Jabrane؛ Abdelati Reha؛ Abdelaziz Koumina


AI-WSN: Direction of Arrival Estimation Based on Bee Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks

صفحه 69-86
Devika E؛ Saravanan A


Comparison between the Conventional Partial Least Squares (Pls) and the Robust Partial Least Squares (Rpls-Sem) Through Winsorization Approach

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GholamReza Zandi؛ Fadya Ramadan Shakhim؛ Zulkifley Mohamed؛ Amel Saad Alshargawi


Factors Effecting the Adoption of E-Learning: An Empirical Study of Libyan Universities

صفحه 95-117
GholamReza Zandi؛ Husam A. E. Lahrash؛ Fadya Ramadan Shakhim


The relationship between Gamification and Sustainability of small and medium enterprise: Explaining the role of digital transformation in open innovation and value co-creation

صفحه 118-137
Amir Mohammad Colabi؛ Fatemeh Sharaei؛ Sahar Alipour

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب