A Comparative Study of the concept of “Global Justice’ in Imam Khomeini’s Thought and Neo-Gramscianism

صفحه 1-16
Javad Haghgoo؛ Mohammad Jafar Javadi Arjmand؛ Meysam Aliabadi


Appearance Conditions Based on the New Islamic Civilization Centred on the Martyr Soleimani School

صفحه 17-34
Vahid Riazi


Archaeology of the Schools Proximity in the Second Phase Statement emphasising the Institutional Approach

صفحه 35-50
Mansour Anbarmoo؛ Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Mir Jalili


Coordinates of the "Revolutionary System" Theory in the Second Phase Statement Emphasising the Rationality Structure

صفحه 51-70
Abbas ali Rahbar


Elite Political Culture and Political Development of Iran in the Iranian-Islamic Model of Progress

صفحه 71-88
Fatemeh Souri؛ Gholamreza Khajehsarvi


Emphasis is placed on recreating the infrastructures for the realization of the civilization of religion

صفحه 89-114
Sayyid Bager Sayyidnejad


Evaluating the Amount of Consensus and Prioritizing the Components of the Soft War Officers Role in Advancing the Goals of the Revolution’s Second Phase

صفحه 115-135
Ali Asghar Ja’fari؛ Hossein Moradimokhles؛ Hassan Ashtari؛ Hafez Mahdnejad


Evaluating the Relationship between Hezbollah Lebanon's Discourse with the Islamic Revolution of Iran: A Critical Approach

صفحه 135-156
Mohsen Bagheri؛ Mohammad Ali Basiri؛ Enayatollah Yazdani


Investigating the Processes of Revolutionary Rationality Formation in the Speech System of the Islamic Revolution

صفحه 157-178
Fatemeh Taherkhani


Outgroup Inflicted Economic Failure Solidifying the Position of the Leader Regardless of Gender: An Experimental Study

صفحه 179-196
Nadia Maftouni

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب