The Rheology Behavior of Aramid and Cellulose Nanowhisker Suspensions

صفحه 193-201
Amir Kaveh؛ Omid Moeini-Jazani؛ Morteza Ahmadi Lashaki؛ Mehrzad Mortezaee؛ Mohammad Razavi Zadeh


Experimental Study of SDS Foam Stability in the Presence of Silica Nanoparticle

صفحه 203-213
Amin Ahmadi؛ Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani؛ Saeid Saviz


Experimental Study and Modeling of Mass Transfer Flux of CO2 Absorption with Amine Solution in Bubble Column

صفحه 215-231
Hasan Pashaei؛ Fahimeh Mirzaei؛ Ahad Ghaemi


On the Solution of the Tao-Mason Equation of State by a Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equation

صفحه 233-243
Hooman Fatoorehchi


The Effect of Carbonate Cement Type on Sandstone Matrix Acidizing

صفحه 245-255
Hossein Younesian-Farid؛ Saeid Sadeghnejad


Numerical Modeling of Micromixing Performance of Five Generic Microchannel Reactors using Villermaux/Dushman Competing Test Reaction

صفحه 257-272
Peyvand Valeh-e-Sheyda؛ Majid Yarmohammad


Vulnerability of Renewable and Fossil Fuel Energy from COVID 19

صفحه 273-286
Azam Ahmadyan


The Comprehensive Evaluation of the Coke Formation and Catalyst Deactivation in the Propane Dehydrogenation Reactor: Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling

صفحه 287-301
Soleiman Mosleh؛ Parviz Darvishi


Mathematical Modeling of Thermally Coupled Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation and Nitrobenzene Hydrogenation Reactors

صفحه 303-315
Roozbeh Ghani؛ Ali Habibi؛ Amirhosein Yazdanbakhsh


Modeling of Diffusion Coefficients for Binary Gas at P=101.325 kPa using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

صفحه 317-329
Amirhossein Oudi؛ Maryam Hosseini؛ Sara Azimi؛ Yegane Davoodbeygi


Study and Optimization of the Effect of Temperature, Acid Concentration, and Rock Grain Size on the pH of Carbonate Reservoir Acidizing

صفحه 331-339
Amin Ahmadi؛ Kaveh Paydar؛ Ali Ebadi؛ Mehrdad Manteghian


Experimental Investigation of the Influence and Comparison of Microwave and Ultrasonic Waves on Carbonate Rock Wettability

صفحه 341-353
Bardiya Yazdani؛ Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani

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