Recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate for use in Structural Concrete with Natural River Aggregates

صفحه 856-869
Samuel Huaquisto-Caceres؛ Darwin Quenta-Flores؛ Eduardo Luis Flores-Quispe


Experimental Investigation of Pb Release Characteristics in Zn-Pb Mine Tailings under Simulated Leaching Conditions, Anguran, Iran

صفحه 870-889
Ahmad Akhavan؛ Ahmad Golchin


Natural Extraction of Dyes from Saffron ‘Crocus sativus L’ Flower Waste, Cotton Dyeing, and Antioxidant Effectiveness

صفحه 890-906
Khadija Lachguer؛ Imane Boudadi؛ Lahbib Fayzi؛ Soumaya El Merzougui؛ Mehdi El Bouchti؛ Omar Cherkaoui؛ Mohammed Amine Serghini


Characterization of Groundwater and Distribution of Fluoride in the Eastern Region of the Algerian Northern Sahara (Ouargla)

صفحه 907-917
Aicha Abdellaoui؛ Kais Baouia؛ Sofiane Saggai


Ecological Risk Assessment of the Soil around Odo Iya-Alaro (Iya Alaro River) at Ojota, Lagos States, Nigeria

صفحه 918-928
Isiaka Adio Hassan؛ Wahabi Olaitan Abdul Raheem؛ Aishat Adejoke Obalola؛ Isiaq Oluwole Bello


Contamination Levels, Source Apportionments, and Health Risks Evaluation of Heavy Metals from the Surface Water of the Riruwai Mining Area, North-Western Nigeria

صفحه 929-949
Hamza Badamasi؛ Johnson Adedeji Olusola؛ Solomon Sunday Durodola؛ Olaniran Kolawole Akeremale؛ Odunayo Timothy Ore؛ Ajibola Abiodun Bayode


Analysis of the Effect of Green Packaging on Attracting and Retaining Environmentally Friendly Customers with the Mediating role of Green Brand Image

صفحه 950-964
Naser Seifollahi


Response Surface Methodology for Adsorption of Humic Acid by Polyetheretherketone/ Polyvinylalcohol Nanocomposite Modified with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Industrial Wastewater

صفحه 965-983
Elham Pournamdari


Organic Pollutants Removal from Olive Mill Wastewater using a new Ecosystem Treatment

صفحه 984-993
Rim Bougassa؛ Latifa Tahri؛ Ilham Nassri؛ Mohammed Fekhaoui


Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions using adsorption By Bentonite Clay and Study the Adsorption Thermodynamics

صفحه 994-1005
Ahmed Yosif Hamood؛ Inas K Mohammed؛ Ahmed Abdalhadi Majeed


Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Biochemical Parameters of the Black Sea Bivalve Mollusk Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam.

صفحه 1006-1014
Ekaterina Skuratovskaya؛ Artem Serbin


Effect of Open Dump on Geotechnical Properties and Heavy Metal Concentrations of Soil in North of Hilla City, Babylon Governorate, Iraq

صفحه 1015-1027
Abdul-Kareem Al-Rubaiee؛ Mohanad R. A. Al-Owaidi


Current Eco-friendly and Sustainable Methods for Heavy Metals Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Water: Special Emphasis on Use of Genetic Engineering and Nanotechnology

صفحه 1028-1048
Meena Yadav؛ Poonam Sharma


Techno-Economic Assessment of Removing BTEX Pollutants by Designing Thermal Oxidation Unit in a Bituminous Waterproofing Factory in Iran

صفحه 1049-1058
Zahra Soltanianzadeh؛ Mohsen Mirmohammadi؛ Mohammad ali Zahed


Characterization and Evaluation of the Nickel-Removal Capacity of Kluyvera cryocrescens M7 Isolated from Industrial Wastes

صفحه 1059-1073
Heena Bisht؛ Narayan Kumar


Recovery of the fixing solution waste and silver, as well as the direct synthesis of silver nanoparticles from the solution waste

صفحه 1074-1081
Soheila Azordeh؛ Mehdi Asadi


Regularization Learning of Trace Element Contamination Stemmed from Tailings Dam-Break

صفحه 1082-1097
Bulent Tutmez؛ Osamu Komori


Assessing the Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclide Activities in Fish from Arctic Rivers (Northwestern Russia)

صفحه 1098-1116
Andrey Puchkov؛ Anna Druzhinina؛ Evgeny Yakovlev؛ Sergey Druzhinin


Assessment of Microplastic Pollution Sources in the Coastal Recreational Zones

صفحه 1117-1127
Mikhail Silakov؛ Elena Sibirtsova؛ Alexandra Temnykh


Trichoderma tomentosum Ts141 as a Potential Candidate for Bioremediation of Cadmium, Lead, and Nickel Ions

صفحه 1128-1139
Samira Hosseinzadeh؛ Ali Asghar Aliloo؛ Saleh Shahabivand؛ Mohammad Ghaderi


Using of a Moran’s I and Hot Spot Analysis to Identify of Thoron in Najaf City using GIS Software

صفحه 1140-1149
Ali Kadhim Hussein؛ Rukia Dosh؛ Ali Abojassim


Increasing the Accuracy in Forecasting the Surface Drifter Trajectory by Using Data Assimilation

صفحه 1150-1161
Mahmud Reza Abbasi


Aeration, Alum, and Kaolin Ore for Nutrient and Heavy Metal Removal from Urban Wastewater for the Purpose of Reuse and Conservation

صفحه 1162-1173
Mohamed Fekry Soliman؛ Mohamed Nageeb Rashed؛ Mohamed Elmontser Soltan


Phytoarchitecture Integrates Hybrid Onsite Phytosanitation to Suppress Building Environmental Pollution

صفحه 1174-1189
Harida Samudro؛ Ganjar Samudro؛ Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo


The potential of organic wastes in eliminating old-aged petroleum pollution in saline soils: A case study in Khuzestan province

صفحه 1190-1207
Hanye Jafari Vafa؛ Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee؛ Hossein Ali Alikhani؛ Najmeh Yazdanfar؛ Majid Khanali


Levels of Particulate Matter, Black Carbon, and Toxic gases (O3, NO2) in Taj City Agra and their Health implications on Human Being

صفحه 1208-1224
Kalpana Rajouriya؛ Stuti Dubey؛ Shailendra Pratap Singh؛ Tulika Tripathi؛ Rini John؛ Ajay Taneja


Histomorphometry of Liver and some Blood Factors of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus Exposed to Different Concentrations of Ammonia

صفحه 1225-1235
Azadeh Nochalabadi؛ Hassan Morovvati؛ Rahim Abdi


Identification and Quantification of Antibiotic Residues and Evaluation of Microbial Resistance to Antibiotics in Huatanay River Waters in Peru

صفحه 1236-1250
Tatiana Del Castillo De Loayza؛ Ingrid Maldonado؛ Franz Zirena Vilca


Low-Cost Fluoride Adsorbent Prepared from Renewable Bio-Waste: Synthesis, Characterization and Optimization Studies

صفحه 1251-1272
Naba Kumar Mondal؛ Prateeti Roy؛ Kamalesh Sen؛ Arghadip Mondal؛ Priyanka Debnath


Analysis of Heating Value of Hydro-Char Produced by Hydrothermal Carbonization of Cigarette Butts

صفحه 1273-1280
Iman Tajfar؛ Maryam Pazoki؛ Abolghasem Pazoki؛ Niloofar Nejatian؛ Mohammadjavad Amiri


Simulating of Clogging Process in the Leachate Collection System in the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill using Column Experiments

صفحه 1281-1294
Zeynab Golhosseini؛ Mahdi Jalili Ghazizade؛ Edwin Safari

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب