The potential sources of Bauxite in PirMishi Tash, Semnan province, northern Iran

صفحه 1-9
AliReza Ashofteh؛ Dariush Esmaeily؛ Golnaz Jozanikohan


HEBF strategy: A hybrid evidential belief function in geospatial data analysis for mineral potential mapping

صفحه 11-25
Mahyadin Mohammadpour؛ Abbas Bahroudi؛ Maysam Abedi


A numerical study on the influence of tunnel excavation on pile foundation

صفحه 27-33
V B Maji؛ P Shyam Sundar


A new approach to analyzing the type of moisture inside the filter cake of hematite concentrate

صفحه 35-40
Mohsen Izadi-Yazdan Abadi؛ Mahmoud Abdollahi؛ Mohammad Reza Khalesi؛ Ebrahim Panahi


2D Inversion of magnetic and gravity data: a case study on Golgohar mine

صفحه 41-46
Hamid Bizhani؛ Pardis Mansour Shoar؛ Meysam Moghadasi


Development of a new system for improving blastability by using the Fuzzy Delphi AHP method

صفحه 47-53
Zakaria Jalali؛ Farhad Samimi Namin


Evaluating the efficiency of the genetic algorithm in designing the ultimate pit limit of open-pit mines

صفحه 55-58
Nooshin Azadi؛ Hossein Mirzaei-Nasirabad؛ Amin Mousavi


Tunnelling Induced ground settlement considering soil variability

صفحه 59-64
Gouri Krishna؛ V B Maji


Performance of T-shaped skirted footings resting on sand

صفحه 65-71
Tammineni Gnananandarao؛ Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe؛ Vishwas Nandkishor Khatri؛ Rakesh Kumar Dutta


Coupled effect of tire-derived aggregate and geogrid on lateral earth pressure on high-filled cut-and-cover tunnels

صفحه 73-87
Shamil Ahmed Flamarz؛ Mohammad Hajiazizi


3D inversion of magnetic data using Lanczos bidiagonalization and unstructured element

صفحه 89-99
Khatereh Danaei؛ Ali Moradzadeh؛ Gholam Hossain Norouzi؛ Maysam Abedi


A rock engineering system approach to estimation of blast induced peak particle velocity

صفحه 101-109
Patrick A. Adesida

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