How to Control the House Prices Through the Demand Sides?

صفحه 1-15
Shochrul Rohmatul Ajija؛ Indah Ratna Pratiwi؛ Wasiaturrahma Wasiaturrahma


Assessing the Dynamic Effects of Oscillations in the Exchange Rate on Commodity-Wise; Trade Flows between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: Evidence from ARDL Approach

صفحه 17-44
Muhammad Zubair Chishti


Application of Financial Social Accounting Matrix (FSAM) for Analyzing Real-Financial Linkages of the Iranian Economy

صفحه 47-72
Parisa Mohajeri؛ Ali Asghar Banouei؛ Seyyed Mohammad Amin Hodeini


The Level of Population Carrying Capacity, Natural Resources and Pollution: A Case of Iran

صفحه 73-94
Ali Hossein Ostadzad؛ Sakine Owjimehr


Technical Efficiency of Chemical Fertilizers Use and Agricultural Yield: Evidence from India

صفحه 97-119
Anup Kumar Yadava؛ Jadi Bala Komaraiah


Theoretical Modeling of the Impact of Political Ties on China's Economic Expansion

صفحه 121-134
Lilia Ukraynets


Labor Participation Decision and Preferences Towards Different Employment Status in Response to Remittances in Pakistan

صفحه 135-152
Waqas Shair؛ Muhammad Tariq Majeed؛ Amjad Ali


Is Trade Openness Relevant in Reducing Food Deficit? Evidence from African Countries

صفحه 153-170
Muhammad Tahir؛ Kashif Rashid؛ Muhammad Asim Afridi


Measuring Price and Income Elasticity of Demand Function of the Iranian Imports

صفحه 171-185
Homayoun Ranjbar؛ Helen Mozafari Shamsi؛ Vahid Mohamadi؛ Fatemeh Mirzaii


Domestic Institutional Investors and Sectoral Indices of India: A Toda Yamamoto Approach

صفحه 187-208
Purwa Srivastava؛ Sakshi Varshney


Fiscal and Monetary Policy Adjustment and Economic Freedom for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria

صفحه 209-227
Aderopo Raphael Adediyan؛ Beatrice Onawunreyi Omo-Ikirodah


Nexus of Crime Rate, Misery Index and Urbanization in Pakistan

صفحه 229-245
Shalil Zaman؛ Atta Ullah Khan


Newcomers' Priorities in Portfolio Selection: A Shannon Entropy Approach

صفحه 247-266
Seyed Rasoul Salimi Rostami؛ Ahmad Jafari Samimi؛ Mohammad Mahdi Paydar


Moderation Role of Energy Prices on Financial Instability, Trade Openness, and Economic Growth in Non-OPEC Countries

صفحه 267-282
Umar Muhammad Dabachi؛ Suraya Mahmood؛ Ali Umar Ahmad؛ Aminu Hassan Jakada؛ Ahmad Tijjani Abdullahi؛ Mohammed Atiku Abubakar؛ Kabiru Kamalu

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