Investigation of Effects of Land Use Land Cover Changes on Quantity and Quality of Groundwater in Qazvin Plain

صفحه 1-13
P. Dehghan Rahimabadi؛ E. Heydari Alamdarloo؛ M. Talebiniya؛ H. Khosravi؛ H. Azarnivand


Biochemical Responses of Salt-Sensitive and Salt-Tolerant Tall Fescue

صفحه 15-25
A. Mousavi Bazaz؛ A. Tehranifar؛ M. Kafi؛ A. Gazanchian؛ M. Shoor


Calculation of Land Surface Temperature Using a Generalized Split-Window Algorithm and the Reconstruction of its Lost Data by Cloud Cover Through a Singular Spectral Analysis (SAA)-algorithm

صفحه 27-48
H. Zare Khormizi؛ H.R. Ghafarian Malamiri؛ S. Alian


Detection of Vegetation Changes in Agricultural Lands of Sistan Plain, using Remote Sensing Technique

صفحه 49-63
Z. Mosleh Ghahfarokhi؛ M. Bagheri Bodaghabadi


Monitoring the Areas of Dust Production and Assessing the Damages Caused by This Phenomenon to the Agriculture Sector (Case study: Alborz Province, Iran)

صفحه 65-83
K. Hojati؛ Z. Abedi؛ B. Rayegani؛ M. Panahi


Evaluation of Oil Mulch Effect on Wind Erosion Threshold Velocity and Some of Soil Properties, (Case Study: Dehloran, Ilam)

صفحه 85-101
N. Rostami؛ H. Karimi؛ M. Tavakoli؛ M. Mirhasani؛ M. Heydari


Impact of Large Landslides on River Environments Using Satellite Imagery and Field Data (Case Study: Jajrud River)

صفحه 103-121
Sh. Joudaki؛ A. Taghian؛ M. Yamani


Long-Term Time Series Analysis of Land Cover Changes in an Arid Environment Using Landsat Data:(A Case Study Of Hamoun Biosphere Reserve, Iran)

صفحه 123-144
R. Kharazmi؛ M.R. Rahdari؛ A. Rodríguez-Seijo؛ M. Elhag


Evaluating the Accuracy of Precipitation Products Over Utah, United States, Using the Google Earth Engine Platform

صفحه 145-162
H. Shokati؛ M. Mashal؛ A.A Noroozi؛ S. Mirzaei

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