Exploring the content factors contributing to boosting user engagement on Press TV’s Facebook page

صفحه 365-378
Habib Abdolhossein Maregani؛ Seyed Mahdi Sharifi؛ Somayeh Labafi


The effect of gamification on brand equity and desirable consumer behaviors in online retail stores: The mediating role of brand engagement

صفحه 379-391
Elham Ebrahimi؛ Hamid Reza Irani؛ Mohammad Abbasi؛ Ali Abedini


Investigating the cognitive process of attention while watching sports advertisements in interested and non-interested people using Electroencephalogram technology

صفحه 393-408
Zahra Aminiroshan؛ Javad Gholamian؛ Ahmad Mahmoudi؛ Sahar Pirjamadi


Can Perceived Overqualification Increase Cyberloafing? An Emphasis on the Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion

صفحه 409-424
Ata Harandi؛ Payvand Mirzaeian Khamseh


Consumer acculturation: Scale development and validation with a mixed-method approach

صفحه 425-440
Morteza Maddah؛ Majid Mohammad Shafiee


Equity-Based Financing and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Islamic Banks in Indonesia

صفحه 441-453
Hasan Mukhibad؛ Ahmad Nurkhin؛ Santi Susanti؛ Arim Nasim؛ Elis Mediawati


The RFMRv Model for Customer Segmentation Based on the Referral Value

صفحه 455-473
Shokooh Mirfakhraei؛ Neda Abdolvand؛ Saeedeh Rajaei Harandi


Examining the Effect of Resilience on Job Engagement with the Mediation of Psychological Empowerment and Job Burnout

صفحه 475-490
Elahe Hosseini؛ Zohre Sadat Doaei؛ Ali Jamadi؛ Maryam Yazdani


Startup opportunities in the sports industry based on developing a conceptual framework for the sports ecosystem in Iran

صفحه 491-506
Zeinab Mondalizadeh


Corporate social responsibility in the relationship between accounting conservatism and investment efficiency

صفحه 507-520
Mina Zarinpour؛ Gholamreza Mansourfar؛ Alireza Zarei


Surviving supervisor incivility: Can age-related coping strategies attenuate its negative effect on commitment?

صفحه 521-538
Mohammad Sadegh Sharifirad


Determinants of Manufacturing Firms’ Performance in Nigeria: A Sub-sectoral Comparative Analysis

صفحه 539-551
Stella Ada Mbah


Design and Validating a Framework of High-School Crisis-Management Curriculum (The Case of Covid-19 Crisis)

صفحه 553-565
Mohsen Dibaei Saber؛ Davoud Tahmasebzadeh Sheikhlar


Developing a KASH Model as a Training Strategy: A Qualitative Approach

صفحه 567-583
Hemaloshinee loshinee Vasudevan؛ Diego Rafael Roberto Cabrera Moya؛ Cheok Mui Yee؛ Cheryl Withaneac؛ Ravi Nagarathanam؛ Hamza Syed Muhammad Ammer


The effect of customer-oriented constructive deviation on organizational outcomes mediated by ethical climate and service delivery climate

صفحه 585-601
Vajihe Hoshyar


Futuristic Strategies in Indian Banking 2025

صفحه 603-624
Swati Watts؛ Nitin Watts


A Conceptual Model for Antecedents of Dynamic Capability Development in New Ventures (Case Study: IT Business)

صفحه 625-638
Tayebeh Abdoli Mohamadabadi؛ Mahmood Ahmadpour Daryani؛ Asef Karimi؛ Zohreh Amiri Sardari


Information Sharing in the Two-Level Manufacturer-Retailer Supply Chain Using the PSSCA

صفحه 639-651
Maryam Rahmaty


Smart multi-commodity location-routing model for perishable goods with an emphasis on big data under uncertainty and congestion

صفحه 653-668
Sina Rashvand Falari؛ Kimars Fathi Hafshjani؛ Mohammad Ali Afshar Kazemi


Unveiling the Drive to Create: Exploring the Motivation of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in Iran

صفحه 669-684
Sara Irani؛ Meisam Modarresi؛ Alireza Moghaddam

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