Long term Evaluation of the Effect of Salinity on Organic Removal and Ammonium Oxidation in a down-flow Hanging Sponge Reactor

صفحه 361-366
S. Uemura؛ M. Kimura؛ T. Yamaguchi؛ A. Ohashi؛ Y. Takemura؛ H. Harada


Evaluating Responses to Land Degradation Mitigation Measures in Southern Italy

صفحه 367-380
B. Basso؛ L. De Simone؛ D. Cammarano؛ E.C. Martin؛ S. Margiotta؛ P.R. Grace؛ M.L. Yeh؛ T.Y. Chou


A Partial Linearization Method for Multi-Objective Continuous Network Design Problem with Environmental Considerations

صفحه 381-390
Sh. Afandizadeh؛ N. Kalantari؛ H. Rezaeestakhruie


An Investigation on the Role of Flocculation Processes in Geo-Chemical and Biological Cycle of Estuary (Case Study: Gorganrood River)

صفحه 391-398
M. Fazelzadeh؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ M. Mehrdadi


Attitude Toward the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in Japan: the Opinion of the Youth prior to the Tohoku Earthquake

صفحه 399-408
A.H. Gallardo؛ H. Aoki


Organizational learning As the Requirement of forming Enviropreneurship in Environmental Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Iran

صفحه 409-416
S.M. Moghimi؛ A. Alambeigi


Biosorption of Pb(II) by Nonliving Lichen Biomass of Cladonia rangiformis Hoffm

صفحه 417-424
F. Ekmekyapar؛ A. Aslan؛ Y.K. Bayhan؛ A. Cakici


Evaluation of Organic Matter Stability in Wood Compost by Chemical and Thermogravimetric Analysis

صفحه 425-434
W.M. Nada؛ L. Van Rensburg؛ S. Claassens؛ O. Blumenstein؛ A. Friedrich


Study on The Effect of Demulsifers on Crude oil and Petroleum Products

صفحه 435-442
A.N. Dimitrov؛ D.I. Yordanov؛ P.S. Petkov


Assessment of Ecological integrity in a landscape context using the Miankale peninsula of Northern Iran

صفحه 443-450
S. Rasouli؛ M. Makhdoum Farkhondeh؛ H.R. Jafari؛ R. Suffling؛ B. Kiabi؛ A.R. Yavari


Adsorption and Degradation of Anilofos in Different Soils and its Environmental Impact in Soils

صفحه 451-456
S.T. Maheswari؛ A. Ramesh


The Effect of Electrically Charged Clouds on the Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ratio and the Anion Concentrations in Cloud-based Aerosols

صفحه 457-466
H. Katsura


Assessment of Feather Hydrolysate from Thermophilic Actinomycetes for Soil Amendment and Biological control Application

صفحه 467-474
A. Gousterova؛ M. Nustorova؛ D. Paskaleva؛ M. Naydenov؛ G. Neshev؛ E. Vasileva-Tonkova


Enzymatic Pre-Hydrolysis of high fat Content Dairy Wastewater as a Pretreatment for Anaerobic Digestion

صفحه 475-480
E. Mobarak-Qamsari؛ R. Kasra-Kermanshahi؛ M. Nosrati؛ T. Amani


Molecular and Morphological Characterization of Oil Polluted Microalgae

صفحه 481-492
N. Soltani؛ L. Baftechi؛ M. Dezfulian؛ Sh. Shokravi؛ N. Alnajar


Electricity Generation from Leachate Treatment Plant

صفحه 493-498
M.A. Abdoli؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ R. Samiee-Zafarghandi؛ Zh. Rashidi؛ S. Gitipour؛ M. Pazoki


Dynamics of Ecosystem Service Value Caused by Land use Changes in Manas River of Xinjiang, China

صفحه 499-508
Y. X. Feng؛ G.P. Luo؛ C.F. Li؛ L. Dai؛ L. Lu


Measurements for indoor air quality assessment at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples (Italy)

صفحه 509-518
E. Chianese؛ A. Riccio؛ I. Duro؛ M. Trifuoggi؛ P. Iovino؛ S. Capasso؛ G. Barone


Optimization of Garden radish (Raphanus Sativus L.) Peroxidase Enzyme for Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol from 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Wastewater

صفحه 519-530
Z. Riazi؛ S.A. Ziai؛ S.M. Shariat؛ P. Farshchi؛ F. Khalili


Detecting Forest Fragmentation with Morphological Image Processing in Golestan National Park in northeast of Iran

صفحه 531-536
E. Salehi؛ L. Zebardast؛ A.R. Yavri


A Study on the Derivation of a Mean Velocity Formula from Chiu’s Velocity Formula and Bottom Shear Stress

صفحه 537-546
T.H. Choo؛ S.J. Maeng؛ H.C. Yoon؛ D.M. Kim؛ S.C. Kim


Phytoplankton and Physicochemical Analysis on the Water System of the Temperate Estuary in South America:Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina

صفحه 547-556
V.A. Guinder؛ C.A. Popovich؛ G.M.E. Perillo


Effect of pH on the Degradation of Aqueous Organophosphate (methylparathion) in Wastewater by Ozonation

صفحه 557-564
K. Usharani؛ M. Muthukumar؛ K. Kadirvelu


Evaluating the Effects of Fertilizers on Bioavailable Metallic Pollution of soils, Case study of Sistan farms, Iran

صفحه 565-570
A.A. Ghaderi؛ M.A. Abduli؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ T. Nasrabadi؛ M. Khajeh


Bioremoval of Some Metals by Living Algae Spirogyra sp. and Spirullina sp. from aqueous solution

صفحه 571-576
P.C. Mane؛ A.B. Bhosle

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