Strategic Planning to Organize the Urban Historic Fabric Emphasizing on the Environmental Concerns

صفحه 523-533
M. Navabakhsh؛ A. Tavakolan


Spatial and Temporal Variation in Stable Isotopes Signatures of Periphyton and an Endangered fish in a flow-reduced River Reach

صفحه 533-538
W. Huang؛ S. Yano؛ J.M. Zhang؛ Y.R. Wang


Sequential Extraction for Evaluating the Behaviour of Selected Chemical Elements in Light weight Aggregates Manufactured From Mining and Industrial Wastes

صفحه 539-550
B. González-Corrochano؛ J. Alonso-Azcárate؛ M. Rodas


Anthropogenic Influences on Cd, Cr,Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn Concentrations in Soils and Sediments in a Watershed with Sugar Cane Crops at São Paulo State, Brazil

صفحه 551-560
F.T. Conceição؛ G.R.B. Navarro؛ A.M. Silva


Investigating the Impacts of Global Environmental Evolutions on Long-term Planning of Natural Resources in Iran

صفحه 561-568
Z. Javaherian؛ R. Maknoon؛ M. Abbaspour؛ N. Moharamnejad


Environmentally Sound Water Resources Management in Catchment Level using DPSIR Model and Scenario Analysis

صفحه 569-580
S. Rasi Nezami؛ M. Nazariha؛ A. Moridi؛ A. Baghvand


Bioremediation of Cr(VI) Polluted Wastewaters by Sorption on Heat Inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biomass

صفحه 581-594
R.M. Hlihor؛ M. Diaconu؛ D. Fertu؛ C. Chelaru؛ I. Sandu؛ T. Tavares


The Effect of Toxic Organic Chemicals on Mogan Lake

صفحه 595-604
Y. Karaaslan؛ A. Akkoyunlu؛ F. Erturk؛ E. Citil


A model to Predict the Behavior of UASB Reactors

صفحه 605-614
R. Rodríguez-Gómez؛ L. Moreno؛ L. Liu


Electrochemical Behavior and the Determination of Furan in Beverage Samples Using Glassy Carbon Electrode

صفحه 615-622
H. Hoveidi؛ H. Sid Kalal؛ G. Nabi Bidhendi؛ H. Rashedi؛ D. Vafaei Mehr


Improving Water Quality in England and Wales: Local Endowments and Willingness to Pay

صفحه 623-632
M. Soliño؛ J. Joyce؛ B.A. Farizo


Insights and Lessons Learned From the Long-term Rehabilitation of an Iron ore Mine

صفحه 633-644
D. Liebenberg؛ S. Claassens؛ L. Van Rensburg


Using gamma-ray Spectrometry and Geostatistics for Assessing Geochemical Behaviour of Radioactive Elements in the Lese Catchment (southern Italy)

صفحه 645-658
I. Guagliardi؛ G. Buttafuoco؛ C. Apollaro؛ A. Bloise؛ R. De Rosa؛ D. Cicchella


Ecological Health Assessments of an Urban Lotic Ecosystem Using a Multimetric Model along with Physical Habitat and Chemical Water Quality Assessments

صفحه 659-668
J.H. Kim؛ H.M. Oh؛ I.S. Kim؛ B.J. Lim؛ K.G. An


Investigating the Impacts of Retrofitted CNG Vehicles on Air Pollutant Emissions in Tehran

صفحه 669-678
S.A. Hashemian؛ N. Mansouri؛ M.A. Morady


Erosion and Accretion Index for Kuwaiti Coast

صفحه 679-684
S. Neelamani؛ S. Uddin


Bacterial Communities’ Structure in a High mountain lake during the ice-free season: cultural and PCR-TGGE investigations

صفحه 685-696
P. Reboleiro-Rivas؛ B. Juarez-Jiménez؛ M.V. Martinez-Toledo؛ B. Rodelas؛ L. Andrade؛ J. Gonzalez-Lopez؛ M. Fenice


Green Process for Indigo Dyeing: Effect and Modeling of Physico-chemical Parameters Using Statistical Analysis

صفحه 697-708
M. Ben Ticha؛ N. Meksi؛ M. Kechida؛ M.F. Mhenni


Influence of Natural Variation on flow Behavior of Wormy Compost

صفحه 709-716
H. Rahmanzadeh Bahram؛ M.H. Kianmehr؛ S.R. Hassan-Beygi؛ I. Valaei


Use of Response Surface Methodology in the Optimization of Coagulation- Flocculation of Wastewaters Employing Biopolymers

صفحه 717-726
S. Carpinteyro-Urban؛ L.G. Torres


Landfill Leachate Treatment in Jet-Loop Membrane Bioreactor Operated Under Different Organic Loading Rates

صفحه 727-734
M. Ince؛ E. Senturk؛ G. Onkal Engin؛ B. Keskinler


Histopathological Alterations Induced by Diazinon in Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

صفحه 735-744
M. Banaee؛ A. Sureda؛ A.R. Mirvagefei؛ K. Ahmadi


Cyanobacterial Blooms and their Toxicity in Vojvodina Lakes, Serbia

صفحه 745-758
Z. Svirčev؛ J. Simeunović؛ G. Subakov-Simić؛ S. Krstić؛ D. Pantelić؛ T. Dulić


Dairy Wastewater Treatment by Anaerobic Fixed bed Reactors from Laboratory to pilot-scale plant: A case study in Costa Rica Operating at Ambient Temperature

صفحه 759-766
S. Nikolaeva؛ E. Sánchez؛ R. Borja


Plankton research in the ROPME Sea Area, Achievements and Gaps

صفحه 767-778
M.M. Dorgham


Effect of Trace Metals Levels in Wastewater Discharges, Sediment and Euchelus Asper in Kuwait Marine Environment

صفحه 779-784
A.H. Bu-Olayan؛ B.V. Thomas


Investigation of Species Diversity and Dominant of Decapoda in the Intertidal Zone of Bushehr Rocky Shores

صفحه 785-794
M. Jahanpanah؛ A. Savari


Ecological Observations and Germination of Sterculia chicha Seeds Colonized by Anastrepha bezzii

صفحه 795-800
W.S. Tavares؛ M.F. Souza-Filho؛ E.L. Araujo؛ J.E. Serrão؛ J.C. Zanuncio


Vegetation Dynamics on Waste Landfills in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

صفحه 801-806
K.D. Kim


Integrated Biomarker Responses of Carassius auratus Exposed to BDE-47, BDE-99 and Their Mixtures

صفحه 807-816
G.H. Lu؛ P.D. Qi؛ W. Chen


PCBs and DDTs in Surface Mangrove Sediments from the South of Iran (ID NO. 048)

صفحه 817-822
S.L. Mohebbi Nozar؛ W.R. Ismail؛ M. Pauzi Zakaria؛ M. Seddiq Mortazawi

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