Reduction of Alkali Supplement in a Pilot-Scale Thermophilic Multi-Staged UASB Reactor Treating Alcohol Distillery Wastewater

صفحه 823-830
M. Yamada؛ H. Harada؛ M. Yamauchi؛ T. Yamaguchi؛ A. Ohashi


Soil Properties Affecting metal Extractability Patterns in Periurban Calcareous Agricultural Soils in the Mediterranean Area

صفحه 831-840
A. de Santiago-Martín؛ I. Valverde-Asenjo؛ J.R. Quintana؛ C. González-Huecas؛ A.L. Lafuente


An Algorithm for Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Coastal Waters of India using Remotely Sensed Reflectance and its Application to Coastal Environments

صفحه 841-850
N. Sravanthi؛ I.V. Ramana؛ P. Yunus Ali؛ M. Ashraf؛ M.M. Ali؛ A.C. Narayana


Optimization of Surfactin Production by Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 in a Miniaturized Bioreactor

صفحه 851-858
S. Jokari؛ H. Rashedi؛ Gh. Amoabediny؛ S. Naghizadeh Dilmaghani؛ M. Mazaheri Assadi


Seasonal Forecast of Local Lake-Effect Snowfall: The Case of Buffalo, U.S.A.

صفحه 859-868
H. Hartmann؛ J. Livingston؛ M.G. Stapleton


Cytogenetic Tests in the Assessment of the Genotoxicity of River Water

صفحه 869-876
J. Kwasniewska؛ R. Jaskola؛ J. Maluszynska


Bathymetric Modeling from Satellite Imagery via Single Band Algorithm (SBA) and Principal Components Analysis (PCA) in Southern Caspian Sea

صفحه 877-886
M. Gholamalifard؛ A. Esmaili Sari؛ A. Abkar؛ B. Naimi


Experimental Investigation of Adsorption of Copper from Aqueous Solution using Vermiculite and Clinoptilolite

صفحه 887-894
N. Dizadji؛ M. Rashtchi؛ S. Dehpouri؛ N. Nouri


Characterization of Heavy Metal and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Aliaga Ship Dismantling Zone, Eastern Aegean Sea, Turkey

صفحه 895-902
A. Kacar؛ A. Kocyigit


Analytical Study on the RoHS of Plastic from Waste Electrical and Electronic Appliances

صفحه 903-908
Y.J. Kim؛ D.H. Kang؛ M.G. Kim؛ T.I. Qureshi


Modeling and Characterization of Air Pollution: Perspectives and Recent Developments with a focus on the Campania Region (Southern Italy)

صفحه 909-916
G. Agrillo؛ E. Chianese؛ A. Riccio؛ A. Zinzi


Flocculation of Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn during Estuarine Mixing (Caspian Sea)

صفحه 917-924
A.R. Karbassi؛ S.S. Bassam؛ M. Ardestani


Accumulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Navigation Channels, Harbors and Industrial Areas of the Bahia Blanca Estuary, Argentina

صفحه 925-936
A.H. Arias؛ A. Vazquez-Botello؛ G. Diaz؛ J.E. Marcovecchio


Impact of Eucalyptus Plantations in Different Regions of Brazil on the Distribution and Abundance of Defoliating Caterpillars

صفحه 937-944
G.T. Ribeiro؛ J.C.M. Poderoso؛ J.E. Serrão؛ T.V. Zanuncio؛ J.C. Zanuncio


Sewage Sludge Application in Mediterranean Agricultural soils: Effects of Dose on the Soil Carbon Cycle

صفحه 945-956
S. González-Ubierna؛ I. Jorge-Mardomingo؛ M.T. Cruz؛ I. Valverde؛ M.A. Casermeiro


Optimization of Reactive Blue 19 Biodegradation by Phanerochaetechrysosporium

صفحه 957-962
J. Hemmat؛ M. MazaheriAssadi


Feasibility of Utilizing Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor to Upgrade and Retrofit Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

صفحه 963-972
A.H. Javid؛ A.H. Hassani؛ B. Ghanbari؛ K. Yaghmaeian


Elemental Composition of Muscle Tissue of Wild Animals from Central Region of Poland

صفحه 973-978
M. Długaszek؛ K. Kopczyński


Performance and Microbial Community Analysis of a full-scale Hybrid Anaerobic–Aerobic Membrane System for Treating Molasses-Based Bioethanol Wastewater

صفحه 979-988
N. Pattananuwat؛ M. Aoki؛ M. Hatamoto؛ A. Nakamura؛ S. Yamazaki؛ K. Syutsubo؛ N. Araki؛ M. Takahashi؛ H. Harada؛ T. Yamaguchi


Determination of Fe, Zn and Cu in ambient air by Combining pre-concentration Methods and FAAS

صفحه 989-994
M. Yaman؛ E. Erel


Environmental Sustainability and Ecological Complexity: Developing an Integrated Approach to Analyse the Environment and Landscape Potentials to Promote Sustainable Development

صفحه 995-1006
M.R. Masnavi


Crude Oil-induced Morphological and Physiological Responses in Cyanobacterium Microchaete tenera ISC13

صفحه 1007-1014
F. Amirlatifi؛ N. Soltani؛ S. Saadatmand؛ Sh. Shokravi؛ M. Dezfulian


Elemental Analysis of Soils as Possible Resuspended Dust Sources in Mexico City

صفحه 1015-1020
A.A. Espinosa؛ J. Miranda


Internal Loads of Nutrients in Lake Chaohu of China: Implications for lake Eutrophication

صفحه 1021-1028
L. Yang؛ K. Lei؛ W. Yan؛ Y. Li


Status of Water Quality Parameters along Haraz River

صفحه 1029-1038
A. Mohseni-Bandpei؛ Z. Yousefi


Sediment Quality Assessment of two Industrialized Areas of Spain

صفحه 1039-1046
O. Veses؛ R. Mosteo؛ M.P. Ormad؛ J.L. Ovelleiro

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