Probing of the Interaction Between Human Serum Albumin and A New Synthesized Pd(II) Complex Using Spectroscopic Methods

صفحه 105-111
A. Divsalar؛ S. Khodabakhshian؛ A.A. Saboury؛ H. Mansuri-Torshizi؛ M. Evini


Compound Action Potential of Isolated Spinal Cord: A Biophysical Analysis to Address Activity of Individual Fibers Following Contusion Injury

صفحه 113-127
I. Rad؛ K. Khodayari؛ S. Kouhzaei؛ H. Mobasheri


[Fe(III)(Salen)Cl] Complex as a Catalyst for the Synthesis of 1, 8-Dioxo-Octahydroxanthene Derivatives

صفحه 123-127
H. Khabazzadeh؛ I. Sheikhshoaie؛ N. Sotudeh


Thermal Behavior of a Natural Sepiolite from Northeastern Iran

صفحه 129-134
S. Hojati؛ H. Khademi


Reservoir Characterization and Quality Controlling Factors of the Fahliyan Formation Located in Southwest Iran

صفحه 135-148
A. Shakeri؛ S. Parham


Echinoids of the Genus Tetragramma Agassiz (Phymosomatoida) from the Aptian Sediments of the Basab Region, Northwest of Kerman, Iran

صفحه 149-155
M.R. Vaziri؛ A.L. Arab


Estimating a Bounded Normal Mean Under the LINEX Loss Function

صفحه 157-164
A. Karimnezhad


Double Derivations, Higher Double Derivations and Automatic Continuity

صفحه 165-170
H. Mahdavian Rad؛ A. Niknam


Determination of Spatial-Temporal Correlation Structure of Troposphere Ozone Data in Tehran City

صفحه 171-178
S.S. Mousavi؛ M. Mohammadzadeh


Coherent Control of Quantum Entropy via Quantum Interference in a Four-Level Atomic System

صفحه 179-184
M. Sahrai؛ B. Arzhang؛ H. Seifoory؛ P. Navaeipour

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