Optimal Planning for Water Resources Allocation (Case study: Hableh Roud Basin, Iran)

صفحه 1-8
Arash Malekian؛ M. Mahdavi؛ M. Kholghi؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ M. Mohseni Saravi؛ H. Rouhani


Evaluation of the Effects of Vegetation Characteristics on Desertification (Case Study: Northern Hableh Roud, Iran)

صفحه 9-13
H. Azarnivand؛ M.A. Zare Chahouki؛ H. Joneidi


The Impacts of Different Kinds of Dust Storms in Hot and Dry Climate, A Case Study in Sistan Region

صفحه 15-25
A. Pahlavanravi؛ A. Miri؛ H. Ahmadi؛ M.R. Ekhtesasi


Statistical and Geostatistical Appraisal of Spatial Variability of Aggregate Stability and Aggregate-Associated Organic Carbon Content on a Catchment Scale in a Semi-arid Region, Central Iran

صفحه 27-39
H.R. Motaghian؛ J. Mohammadi


Flood Flow Frequency Model Selection Using L-moment Method in Arid and Semi Arid Regions of Iran

صفحه 41-48
A.R. Keshtkar؛ A. Salajegheh؛ M. Najafi Hajivar


Study of Dust Storm Synoptical Patterns in Southwest of Iran

صفحه 49-55
E. Fattahi؛ K. Noohi؛ H. Shiravand


Grain Size and Shape of Sand Grains in Ergs of Iran

صفحه 57-64
Sh. Mohammadkhan


Analyzing the Changes of Soil Erodibility Index (K) in the Soils of Arid Regions and the Effective Factors in Central Iran (Case Study: Yazd-Ardakan Plain)

صفحه 65-75
F. Fotouhi؛ H.R. Azimzadeh؛ A. Talebi؛ M. R. Ekhtesasi


Land Suitability Evaluation for Alfalfa and Barley Based on FAO and Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Approaches in Iranian Arid Region

صفحه 77-89
N. Yaghmaeian Mahabadi؛ J. Givi؛ M. Naderi Khorasgani؛ J. Mohammadi؛ R.M. Poch Claret


Comparison the Amount of Existing Mineral Elements in Plant Aerial Parts, Litter and Soil of Three Range Species in Taleghan Region

صفحه 91-97
M. Saberi؛ M. Jafari؛ A. Tavili؛ M.A. Zare Chahouki؛ M. Tahmoures


Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Growth and Yield as Influenced by Flooding and Salinity Stresses in Northern Iran

صفحه 99-104
H.R. Asgari؛ W. Cornelis؛ P. Van Damme


Study of the Effect of Management Criterion on Desertification Control (Case Study: Kashan)

صفحه 105-109
M.S. Ziaei؛ R. Masoudi؛ M. Ghodsi؛ H. Khosravi

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