Investigation of Fresh Water Harvesting from Playa’s Wetlands

صفحه 111-117
Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ M.K. Kianian؛ A. Salehpour Jam


Application of Gully and Rill Erosion Indicators for Estimating Soil Loss Using GIS Techniques

صفحه 119-128
M. Nasri؛ S. Feiznia؛ M. Jafari؛ H. Ahmadi


Relationship between Soil Characteristics and Vegetation Types in Damghan

صفحه 129-135
M. Jafari؛ M. Biniaz؛ E. Janfaza؛ M.J. Nematolahi؛ M. Karimpour Reyhan


Land Cover Classification Using IRS-1D Data and a Decision Tree Classifier

صفحه 137-146
H.R. Keshtkar؛ H. Azarnivand؛ H. Arzani؛ S.K. Alavipanah؛ F. Mellati


Application of Numerical Taxonomy Analysis in Sustainable Development Planning of Combating Desertification

صفحه 147-159
M.H. Sadeghi Ravesh؛ H. Ahmadi؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ M. Tahmoures


Identification and Prioritization of Factors Influencing Agricultural Water Price Index from Farmers’ Viewpoint in Charkhab Village, Yazd Province

صفحه 161-167
I. Islami؛ M. Ghorbani؛ M. Jafari Shalamzari


Flood Hydrograph Analysis Through Employing Physical Attributes Using Two and Multiple Variables Regression Factor and Cluster Analysis

صفحه 169-181
A. Salajegheh؛ S. Dalfardi؛ M. Mahdavi؛ A. Bahremand


The Effect of Priming and Salinity on Physiological and Chemical Characteristics of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

صفحه 183-192
H. Abbasdokht؛ M.R. Edalatpisheh


Determining Area Affected by Dust Storms in Different Wind Speeds, Using Satellite Images

صفحه 193-202
M.R. Ekhtesasi؛ Z. Gohari


Automated Methods for Estimating Baseflow from Streamflow Records in a Semi Arid Watershed

صفحه 203-209
H. Rouhani؛ A. Malekian

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب