Biodiversity in Qanats (The Case study of Kerman County, Iran)

صفحه 99-104
K. Rezaei Tavabe؛ H. Azarnivand


Estimation of Instantaneous Peak Discharge Using GIUH, Snyder, SCS and Triangular Models: a Case Study of Central Alborz Watershed

صفحه 105-111
H. Ahmadi؛ A. A. Mohammadi؛ SH. Khalighi؛ A. Salajegheh؛ S. Soltani


Determination of tourism climate index in Kerman province

صفحه 113-126
B. Bakhtiari؛ A. Bakhtiari


Relationship between Geographical Bases and Distribution of Rural Settlements in Arid Areas: A case study of the Khour- Biabanak District, Naein Township

صفحه 127-134
A. R. Estelaji؛ H. Barghi


Social Cooperation Networks and Altered Social Groupings Shaped by Drought: A Case Study of the Village of Tutang in Hormozgon Province

صفحه 135-144
H. Mohammadi Kangarani؛ D. Ghonchepour؛ A. Holisaz


The Role of Geomorphology in Locating Underground Sandy Dams (Case Study: Gilan-e-Gharb)

صفحه 145-152
M. A. Taleghani؛ F. Talabakhshi


Prioritizing sub-watersheds flooding intensity for structural Damaging Flood control and managing

صفحه 153-162
F. Daliri؛ H. S. Seraji؛ M. Kholghi؛ A. H. Dehghanipour


Determining the Risk of Sand Transportation to Residential Areas around Kashan Erg using Anemometry Data Analysis

صفحه 163-172
A. Tavakkolifard؛ H. Ghasemieh؛ A. A. Nazari Samani؛ N. Mashhadi


Relationship between Root Biomass and Soil Organic Carbon: Case Study of Arid Shrub Lands of Semnan Province

صفحه 173-176
H. Joneidi Jafari


The Identification of Effective Factors of Strategic Implementation in Water Resources Management (Case Study: Lake Urmia Basin)

صفحه 177-183
A. Azarnivand؛ M. E. Banihabib

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