Characterization of the metastable Cu-Fe nanoparticles prepared by the mechanical alloying route

صفحه 57-61
Mahsa Barzegar Vishlaghi؛ Abolghasem Ataei


Mechanical properties of hot-pressed Al-4.5 wt. % Cu/WC composite

صفحه 63-70
Samaneh Bernoosi؛ Rasoul Azari Khosroshahi؛ Reza Taherzadeh Mousavian


Graphene oxide nanoribbons and their applications in supercapacitors

صفحه 71-76
Mohammad Fathi؛ Morteza Saghafi؛ Farzad Mahboubi


A Tri-modal 2024 Al -B4C composites with super-high strength and ductility: Effect of coarse-grained aluminum fraction on mechanical behavior

صفحه 77-88
Alireza Abdollahi؛ Ali Alizadeh


Oxidation resistance of the nanostructured YSZ coating on the IN-738 superalloy

صفحه 89-96
Ahmad Keyvani؛ Mohsen Saremi؛ Mahmoud Heydarzadeh Sohi


Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4@Ag core-shell: structural, morphological, and magnetic properties

صفحه 97-103
Mahdi Ghazanfari؛ Fatemeh Johar؛ Ahmad Yazdani


Synthesis of nanosilica from silica fume using an acid-base precipitation technique and PVA as a nonionic surfactant

صفحه 105-112
Vajihe Jafari؛ Ali Allahverdi


Functional polyester fabric through simultaneous aminolysis and nano ZnO synthesis

صفحه 113-119
Hajar Poortavasoly؛ Majid Montazer

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