Editorial Note: Past Report and Future Direction for Iranian Journal of Management Studies

صفحه 1-3
Gholamreza Jandaghi؛ Hamid Reza Irani


Ability Mediation Effects in the Relationships between Human Resource Practices and Service Quality

صفحه 5-25
Davood Babaei؛ Hmid Rahimian؛ Aminah Ahmad؛ Zoharah Omar؛ Khairuddin Idris


Analysing the Bilateral Relationship between Technological Readiness and Innovation of Countries by Considering the Mediating Effect of GDP

صفحه 27-45
Mohammad Reza Mehregan؛ Seyed Hamid Hashemi؛ Mahdi Nikneshan


Islamic Project Financing in Pakistan: Current Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

صفحه 47-71
Adeel Javed؛ Bashir A. Fida


The Effect of Marketing Tactical Capabilities on the Financial Performance of the Firms: Meta-Analysis Approach

صفحه 73-96
Bagher Asgarnezhad Nouri؛ Ali Sanayei؛ Saeed Fathi؛ Ali Kazemi


On the Effects of Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance: An Iranian Experience in State Bank Branches

صفحه 97-116
Seyed Abbas Mousavi؛ Seyed Yaghoub Hosseni؛ Neda Hassanpour


Organizational Learning Capabilities: Evidence from the Iranian Agricultural Higher Education System

صفحه 117-138
Enayat Abbasi؛ Morteza Akbari؛ Keyhan Tajeddini


Dynamic Determinants of Dividend in Affiliated and Unaffiliated Firms to Government in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

صفحه 139-155
Abdorreza Asadi؛ Maryam Oladi

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