Biophysical Studies on the Interaction of Insulin with a Cationic Gemini Surfactant

صفحه 105-115
P.S. Pourhosseini؛ M. Pirhaghghi؛ A.A. Saboury؛ F. Najafi؛ H. Ghourchian


Ultrasound Assisted One-pot Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidinones Using Holmium Chloride As Catalyst

صفحه 117-123
S. Kakaei؛ H. Sid Kalal؛ H. Hoveidi


A New Heterogeneous Nanocatalyst for Sulfoxidation of Sulfids to Corresponding Adrafinil Analogous: Synthesis, Properties and Applications of VO3-/NH3+-SiO2/Fe3O4

صفحه 125-130
M.J. Taghizadeh؛ A. Javidan؛ O. Hosseinchi


Lutetian Schizaster Fauna (Echinoidea, Spatangoida) from Sargaz Area, South of Kerman, Iran

صفحه 131-138
Y. Ghasemi Pour Afshar؛ M-R. Vaziri؛ M. Dastanpour؛ A. Lotfabad Arab


High-Pressure Marbles from the Nahavand Area in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Metamorphic Belt, Iran

صفحه 139-151
J. Izadyar؛ N. Skandari


Constraining the Water Activity during Peak Metamorphism in a Thermal Aureole; a Mineral Equilibria Approach

صفحه 151-163
M. Moazzen


Edge Detection with Hessian Matrix Property Based on Wavelet Transform

صفحه 163-170
N. Aghazadeh؛ Y. Gholizade Atani


A Characterization of the Small Suzuki Groups by the Number of the Same Element Order

صفحه 171-177
H. Parvizi Mosaed؛ A. Iranmanesh؛ A. Tehranian


A Generalization of M-Small Modules

صفحه 179-185
B. Talaee

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