Can Budget Deficits Financing, Crowed Out Private Sector? Comparative Study of the Cases of Iran and Algeria

صفحه 1-25
Zahra Karimi Takanlou


Economic Competitiveness and Environmental Policy: An Application of the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) Model

صفحه 27-44
Maryam Asghari


The Effects of Economic Sanctions and Speculative Attacks on Inflation

صفحه 45-67
Farshid Pourshahabi؛ Nazar Dahmardeh


The survey of Impact of Oil Price Fluctuations on Real Exchange Rate in the Selected OPEC Countries

صفحه 69-86
Hossein-Ali Fakher؛ Zahra Abedi؛ Mostafa Panahi


The Survey of the Causal Relationship between Banking Concentration and Economic Growth

صفحه 87-101
Abdolrasool Ghasemi؛ Fatemeh Abdolshah


Revisiting Energy-GDP Nexus for the Selected Countries of the Middle East Region

صفحه 103-113
Eisa Maboudian؛ Khashayar Seyyed Shokri


Survey of Money- Output Causality: Case Study of Iran, Based on Vector Error Correction Model (VECM)

صفحه 115-132
Monireh Motamedi؛ Ghazaleh Mohammadian


Life Duration of New Firms in Iranian Manufacturing Industries Using Cox Proportional Hazard Model

صفحه 133-156
Mohammad Ali Feizpour؛ Hossain Hajikhodazadeh؛ Abolfazl Shahmohammadi Mehrjardi

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