What drives mergers and acquisitions waves in developing countries? Evidences from Iranian banking industry

صفحه 123-137
Mohammad Zarei؛ Amir Alambeigi؛ Parveneh Karimi؛ Behrouz Zarei


Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Inflation in Dollarized Economies: Evidence from the Middle Eastern and North African Countries

صفحه 139-147
Seyed Kamal Sadeghi؛ Majid Feshari؛ Maryam Barzegar Marvasti؛ Zhila Ghanbari


Impact of Knowledge-based Components on Total Factor Productivity of MENA Countries

صفحه 149-163
Hamid Sepehrdoust؛ Saber Zamani Shabkhaneh


Modeling Housing Demand for New Residential Buildings in Urban Areas

صفحه 165-176
Reza Najarzadeh؛ Amene Shahidi


The Impact of Monetary Policies on the Exchange Rate: A GMM Approach

صفحه 177-191
Amir Khordehfrosh Dilmaghani؛ Amir Mansour Tehranchian


An Index for Economic Justice: The Case of Iran

صفحه 193-210
Seyed Ehsan Khandoozi


Modeling of Growth and Welfare Effects of Tax Reform in Iran: A Static Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

صفحه 211-237
Hamid Hooshmandi؛ Majid Sameti؛ Rozita Moayedfar


Dynamic Analysis of the Impact of Military Expenditure on Economic Growth in Oil and Non-Oil Countries in the Middle East

صفحه 238-250
Mohammad Mowlaei؛ Abolghasm Golkhandan

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