Estimation of Concentrations in Chemical Systems at Equilibrium Using Geometric Programming

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Saeedeh Ketabi؛ Fakhri Seyedeyn؛ Hooman Rashidi


Conversion and Residence Time Calculation for Gas-solid Solid Reactions of the Cylindrical-shaped Particles with Con-stant Size Using the Shrinking Core Model

صفحه 9-19
Mohammad Reza Talaghat؛ Ehsan Zangooei


MWCNT@MIL-53 (Cr) Nanoporous Composite: Synthesis, Characterization, and Methane Storage Property

صفحه 21-26
Mansoor Anbia؛ sara Sheykhi؛ Roghaye Dehghan


CFD Simulation of Dry and Wet Pressure Drops and Flow Pattern in Catalytic Structured Packings

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Maryam Mazarei Sotoodeh؛ Mortaza Zivdar؛ Rahbar Rahimi


Viscosity Index Improver for Engine Oils: An Experimental Study

صفحه 39-45
Gaurav Rattan؛ Nitu Singh Parihar


Crude Oil Desalting by Using Nanocarbon

صفحه 47-53
Hossain Keshavarz؛ Nadia Esfandiari


Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Frac-turing Process for an Iranian Gas Field in the Persian Gulf

صفحه 55-67
Mehran Kalhori؛ Ali Rafiee؛ Hasan Eshraghi


Biodiesel: A Cost-effective Fuel Using Waste Materials

صفحه 69-80
Majid Mohadesi؛ gholamraza moradi

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