Energy Performance Analysis of Solar-wind Catchers Under Hot and Dry Climatic Condition in Iran-Yazd

صفحه 13-19
Z. Hedayat؛ N. Samkhanian؛ B. Belmans؛ M.H. Ayatollahi؛ I. Wouters؛ F. Descamps


A Novel Design of a Low Cost CSP Using Turbocharger as an Expander

صفحه 20-24
H. Shokouhmand؛ S. Ebadi؛ A. Pournadali Khamseh؛ M. Negahban؛ A. Sattari؛ S.A. Hosseini-Doost


Investigation of Thermodynamic Performance of Salt Gradient Solar Ponds

صفحه 25-30
M.H. Shojaeefard؛ K. Tafazzoli Aghvami


Hierarchical Control Approach for an Autonomous Microgrid including PV Systems to Mitigate the Impacts of Non-Linear Loads

صفحه 31-37
M. Mohammadian؛ A. Khodadadi؛ S.H. Hosseinian؛ M. Abedi


Forecasting of PV Output Power in Cloudy Conditions by LOLIBEE, MLP-ABC and MLP Algorithms

صفحه 38-42
M. Khademi؛ A. Nikookar؛ M. Moadel؛ H. Aryan


Modeling and Experimental Investigation a Solar Tray Dryer with Indirect Forced Convection using Phase Change Materials

صفحه 43-47
M. Mojarrad؛ A. Rahimi؛ M. Abdollahpour؛ A. Takzadeh


The Effect of Neighborhood Shading on Building's Energy Performance, Case Study: Isfahan

صفحه 48-53
A. Kabiri Koupaei؛ B. Kari؛ H. Rezaiee


Analyses of Daylighting Effects on Human Health in Buildings

صفحه 54-59
M. Osman؛ M. Ghaffarzadeh؛ Z. Sirous؛ M. Khatibi؛ A. Azami

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