Monitoring of organic matter and soil salinity by using IRS - LissIII satellite data in the Harat plain, of Yazd province

صفحه 1-8
M.A. Hakimzadeh؛ A.R. Vahdati


Assessment of drought and landuse changes: Impacts on groundwater quality in Shabestar basin, North of Lake Urmia

صفحه 9-19
M. Ranjpisheh؛ M. Karimpour Reihan؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ H. Khosravi


Effects of converting forest to the rainfed lands on soil characteristics in a part of Zagros forests

صفحه 21-28
M. Heshmati؛ M. Gheitoury؛ M. Hosseini؛ M. Arabkhedri؛ Y. Parvizi


Evaluation of meteorological, hydrological and groundwater resources indicators for drought monitoring and forecasting in a semi-arid climate

صفحه 29-43
A. Jahanshahi؛ K. Shahedi


Inhibiting factors on adoption of pressurized irrigation methods according to drought zoning in Northwestern Iran (Ardabil province)

صفحه 45-55
M. Sookhtanlou


Studying the effects of mycorrhiza and vermicompost fertilizers on the growth and physiological traits of Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides L.)

صفحه 57-62
D. Akhzari؛ N. Kalantari؛ Sh. Mahdavi


Comparing the effect of climate condition on tourism calendar in arid and humid cities using Holiday Climate Index (HCI) (Case Study: Isfahan and Rasht)

صفحه 63-73
Gh. Mahtabi؛ F. Taran


Effect of mulches on some characteristics of a drought tolerant flowering plant for urban landscaping

صفحه 75-84
F. Kazemi؛ N. Safari


Modeling of yield and rating of land characteristics for corn based on artificial neural network and regression models in southern Iran

صفحه 85-95
A. Zeinadini Meymand؛ M. Bagheri Bodaghabadi؛ A. Moghimi؛ M.N. Navidi؛ F. Ebrahimi Meymand؛ M. Amir pour


Effectiveness of spectral data reduction in detection of salt-affected soils in a small study area

صفحه 97-106
M. Rahmati؛ N. Hamzehpour


Spatio-temporal analysis of diurnal air temperature parameterization in Weather Stations over Iran

صفحه 107-121
M. Gholamnia؛ R. Khandan؛ A. Darvishi Boloorani؛ S. Hamzeh؛ M. Gharaylou؛ S. Duan؛ S.K. Alavi panah


Phytoremediation of soils polluted by heavy metals using Vetiver grass and Tall Fescue

صفحه 123-132
S. Ghadiri؛ M.H. Farpoor؛ M. Hejazi Mehrizi


Prediction of Rural Women Empowerment receiving Microcredits through Carbon Sequestration Project (CSP) in South Khorasan Province (Iran)

صفحه 133-139
M.J. Nematolahi؛ S. Kaboli؛ M.R. Yazdani؛ Y. Mohammadi


A long-term cost-benefit analysis of national anti-desertification plans in Iran

صفحه 141-151
F. Amiraslani؛ D. Dragovich؛ A. Caiserman


Dust storms and ephemeral lakes

صفحه 153-164
A. Goudie

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