An evidence of intersex males in Jajroud River Loach, Oxynoemacheilus bergianus (Derjavin, 1934)

صفحه 97-108
Amir Pourshabanan؛ Alireza Sari؛ Bahman Zeynali؛ Masoumeh Malek


Are the reproductive traits of two populations of P. quatuordecimpunctata affected by the geographic conditions and the prey species?

صفحه 109-117
Marjan Seiedy؛ Maryam Keshavarz


Potential of four tropical plant powders as grain protectants against Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

صفحه 119-126
Olukayode Adedire؛ Jacobs Mobolade Adesina؛ Joseph A. Adeyemi


Effect of 12-hours delay and anticipation from traditional practice in silkworm mounting to spinning frames on economic traits of Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) cocoons

صفحه 127-134
Alireza Seidavi؛ EL KEROUMI Abderrahim؛ Ali Mohammadi TORKASHVAND؛ NAAMANI khalid


Investigation of flora, life form and geographical distribution of plant species in north-west of Ludab region, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, Iran

صفحه 135-145
Rahman Eftekhari؛ Navaz Kharazian؛ Mohammad Reza Parishani


Positive effects of salicylic acid on some biochemical and physiological parameters of Aloysia citrodora under drought stress

صفحه 147-157
Behnam mohammadi؛ Maryam Rezayian؛ Hassan Ebrahimzadeh؛ Javad Hadian؛ Masoud Mirmasoumi


Divergence times and morphological evolution of the subtribe Eritrichiinae (Boraginaceae-Rochelieae) with special reference to Lappula

صفحه 159-167
Mahboubeh Sherafati؛ Maryam Khoshsokhan-Mozaffar؛ Shahrokh Kazempour-Osaloo


Molecular phylogeny of Scutellaria (Lamiaceae; Scutellarioideae) in Iranian highlands inferred from nrITS and trnL-F sequences

صفحه 169-181
Sareh Seyedipour؛ Yasaman Salmaki؛ Chunlei Xiang


Interspecies interactions of halophilic and halotolerant actinomycetes: An example from a salt

صفحه 183-189
ensieh salehghamari؛ Fatemeh Taheri؛ Marzieh Hosseini؛ Maryam Sardabi؛ Alireza Etesami؛ Gholamheydar Hasani


OXA-10 and OXA-2 ESBLs among multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from North West of Iran

صفحه 191-197
safar farajnia


Construction of T-vector derived from pBluescript ΙΙ SK with a positive selection marker, a rapid system for cloning

صفحه 199-205
Fatemeh Moradian؛ Seyed Mohammad Alavi

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