A Hybrid Algorithm to Solve a Bi-objective Location Routing Inventory Problem in a Supply Chain under Stochastic Demand

دوره 51، شماره 2، مهر 2017، صفحه 175-193
Ebrahim Teymouri؛ Fatemeh Aboutorabiyan؛ Mohammad Hosein Babaei


A Multi-objective Supply Chain Network Design Regarding Customer Relationship Management

دوره 50، شماره 3، اسفند 2016، صفحه 393-405
Ebrahim Teymouri؛ Mohammad Mahdi Paydar؛ Maedeh Yadollahiniya


Applying Queuing Theory to Optimize Perishable Products Supply Chain with (S-1, S) Ordering Policy and Increasing Customers Satisfaction

دوره 50، شماره 3، اسفند 2016، صفحه 497-505
Tahereh Hashemi؛ Ebrahim Teymouri؛ Fariborz Jolai


Proposed a Genetic Algorithm for Inventory Planning Model in Project Supply Chain

دوره 45، شماره 1، تیر 2011، صفحه 45-58
Ebrahim Teimoury؛ F. S. Mousavi

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