Distribution and Paleoecology of the Middle Jurassic Foraminifera from Eastern Alborz (Goznawwi section)

دوره 7، شماره 2، مهر 2017، صفحه 219-236
Tayebe Farahani؛ Mehdi Yazdi؛ Mahmoud Reza Majidifard


Planktonic Foraminifera of the Dariyan formation and implications of Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a

دوره 5، شماره 2، دی 2015، صفحه 125-137
Mazaher Yavari؛ Mehdi Yazdi؛ Hormoz Gahalavand؛ Mohammad Hossein Adabi


Systematic notes on Burdigalian Echinoids from the Qom Formation in the Bagher Abad area, Central Iran

دوره 4، شماره 2، دی 2014، صفحه 155-167
Maryam Nouradini؛ Mehdi Yazdi؛ Alireza Ashouri

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