Contemplating the legitimacy of using drones in armed conflict from perspective of international humanitarian law

Volume 47, Issue 1, April 2017, Pages 243-264
Seyyed Hesamoddin Lesani; Mahvash Monfared


Obligations of states to legal assessment of new weapons in international law

Volume 46, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 91-113
Seyed Hesamaldin Lesani


Reprisals against Cultural Property in compliance with International Law

Volume 49, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 1249-1265
Mahtab Daghigh; Seyyed Hesamoddin Lesani


Security Council Action in Confronting with Ebola phenomenon, a New Approach in Public Health Area

Volume 47, Issue 4, January 2018, Pages 1043-1065
Seyed Hesameddin Lesani; Yalda Naghizadeh


The Development of Individual Criminal Responsibility in light of International Law Fragmentation

Volume 52, Issue 3, October 2022, Pages 1489-1508
Mohammad Teimouri; Seyed Hesamoddin Lesani


The International Criminal Court's approach to criminalize the recruitment of children in armed conflict

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript , Available Online from 10 June 2024
Yalda Naghizadeh; Seyed Hesamoddin Lesani


The Obligation of States for Acceptance and Sending Humanitarian Assistance During Natural Disasters

Volume 49, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 231-248
Seyed Hesam Lesani

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