Hydrocarbon potential evaluation in the Low Resistivity Pays (LRP) of Sarvak formation with combining Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and seismic data, one of the hydrocarbon reservoirs in southwest of Iran

دوره 57، شماره 4، اسفند 2023، صفحه 413-426
Sina Amirnejad؛ Reza Mohebian؛ Abbas Bahroudi؛ Saman Jahanbakhshi


Hydrocarbon reservoir potential mapping through Permeability estimation by a CUDNNLSTM Deep Learning Algorithm

دوره 57، شماره 4، اسفند 2023، صفحه 389-396
Behnia Azizzadeh mehmandoust Olya؛ Reza Mohebian


Maximizing of the coverage and quality in micro resistivity image log by applying minimum weighted norm interpolation and anisotropic diffusion filter

مقالات آماده انتشار، پذیرفته شده ، انتشار آنلاین از تاریخ 20 فروردین 1403
Yahya Moradi Chaleshtori؛ Saeid Yarmohammadi؛ Reza Mohebian؛ Behnia Azizzadeh mehmandoust Olya

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