Convective drying of atmospheric pressure cold plasma pretreatment saffron stigmas: kinetic modeling

صفحه 87-94
Seyed Abolfazl Tabibian؛ Mohsen Labbafi؛ Gholamreza Askari؛ Hamidreza Ghomi؛ Alireza Rezaeinezhad


Prediction of the changes in physicochemical properties of key lime juice during IR thermal processing by artificial neural networks

صفحه 95-100
Sara Aghajanzadeh؛ Mohammad Ganjeh؛ Seid Mahdi Jafari؛ Mahdi Kashaninejad؛ Aman Mohammad Ziaiifar


Sequential ultrasound-microwave assisted extraction as a green method to extract essential oil from Zataria multiflora

صفحه 101-109
Safoora Karimi؛ Shady Sharifzadeh؛ Habib Abbasi


Thermal aggregation of egg white proteins as affected by saccharides

صفحه 110-115
Mahshad Nasabi؛ Mohsen Labbafi


TaqMan real-time PCR: a reliable method to detect meat species

صفحه 116-120
Sahar Porzahmat Shirvan؛ Maryam Azizkhani؛ Maryam Torabi؛ Mahyar Sharifan


Kinetic modeling of pectin extraction by ultrasound assisted and conventional methods

صفحه 121-127
Zarifeh Raji؛ Hossein Kiani


Essential oils: in vitro antioxidant activities and their utilizations in storage life increment of foods

صفحه 128-137
Reza Farahmandfar؛ Behraad Tirgarian


Improving the rheological properties of 18% wheat flour as affected by transglutaminase enzyme

صفحه 138-146
Rahim Rahebi Bardi؛ Mahsa Tabari؛ Hamid Tavakolipor


An investigation on the possibility of production of cookie containing sunflower seed meal flour and Rosa damascena waste extract

صفحه 147-159
Zahra Kamali؛ Shima Moazzezi؛ Ghazal Labbeiki


Technological functionality, sensory properties, and nutritional value of pasta products enriched with different dietary fiber resources: a review

صفحه 160-167
Behzad Nasehi


The effect of whey protein-based edible coating containing natamycin and lysozyme-xanthan gum conjugate on the shelf life of ultrafiltrated white cheese

صفحه 168-177
Abbas Jalilzadeh؛ Javad Hesari؛ Syed Hadi Peighambardoust؛ Issa Javidipour


Effect of edible coatings based on zein and chitosan and the use of Roman aniseed oil on the microbial activity of Mazafati dates

صفحه 178-184
Fereshteh Salajegheh؛ Behjat Tajeddin؛ Bahman Panahi؛ Hadi Karimi

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