Cement Matrix Composition Impact on the Photocatalytic Performance of Immobilized TiO2 Particles over the Fixed Bed photoreactor for Denitrification of Water

صفحه 1295-1308
Sama Tajasosi؛ Mehdi Shirzad-Siboni؛ Ramazan Vagheei؛ Jalil Barandoust


Application of Electrostatic Precipitator with Electrode Distance Variation in Reducing Dust Levels in The Manufacturing Industry

صفحه 1309-1316
Pujiono Pujiono؛ Teguh Budi Prijanto؛ Ati Nurhayati؛ Salma Aripin


Assessing the Effect of Environmental Stressors on the Community Structure of Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality of River Ugbalo, Nigeria

صفحه 1317-1332
Emmanuel Olusegun Olatunji؛ Luckey Abubokhai Elakhame؛ Ekikhalo Catherine Osimen؛ Augustine Ovie Edegbene


Environmental Geochemistry of some Heavy Metals and the Radioactivity in Urban Subsurface Soils, Southeast-Baghdad

صفحه 1333-1344
Zinah Saleem Al-Ankaz؛ Ruaa Issa Muslim؛ Maitham Salman. Amana


Engineering Properties of Substrate used in Constructed Wetlands Treating low Strength Sewage under Tropical Conditions

صفحه 1345-1354
Smily Vishwakarma؛ Dharmendra Dharmendra؛ Rohit Singh؛ Bharti Bharti؛ Ankita Ankita


Anaerobic Digestion for Effective Waste Management: A Case Study for Sustainable Rural Development in a Moderate Climate Region

صفحه 1355-1373
Mohadeseh Zarnegar؛ Hanieh Khalili؛ Abooali Golzary


Water Quality Status of Mangrove Ecosystem in Bedono, Sayung, Demak, Central Java

صفحه 1374-1385
Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati؛ Jumari Jumari؛ Jafron Wasiq Hidayat؛ Fuad Muhammad؛ Mirza Hanif Al Falah؛ Ni Kadek Dita Cahyani؛ Peter Gell


Evaluation of the phytotoxicity of a pesticide (TRACTOR 10E) based on Alpha-cypermethrin in two plant species: lentils (Lens culinaris) and watercress (Lepidium sativum)

صفحه 1386-1395
Naamane Ayoub؛ Lamraouhi Nawal؛ Rafii Soumaya؛ Iounes Nadia؛ El Amrani Souad


Effective Removal of Indigo Carmine in Aqueous Solutions using a Low-Cost Adsorbent Developed from Corn Husk Waste: Synthesis, Batch, and Optimization Studies

صفحه 1396-1413
Tuti Handayani؛ Emriadi Emriadi؛ Deswati Deswati؛ Putri Ramadhani؛ Rahmiana Zein


Effect of Water Soluble Organic Carbon (WSOC) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) emitted by BioChar from the Rubber Sheets Processing Sewage Sludge Combustion

صفحه 1414-1427
Putipong Lakachaiworakun؛ Panya Dangwilailux؛ Visit Eakvanich؛ Wachara Kalasee


Natural Biodegradation Rates of Single-Use Blended Bioplastic Packaging Nylon Entrenched In Freshwater and Marine Water Environments of the Tropics

صفحه 1428-1438
Omotola Esther Dada؛ Adeola Abosede Bada؛ Emmanuel Ikieyieye Okorodo


Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Marcia recens, an Edible Bivalve of Ashtamudi Lake, a Ramsar Site (1204), India

صفحه 1439-1449
Parvathy Narayanankutty؛ Sulekha B Balakrishnan Thamarakshi؛ Sheeba Sasidharan


Study of Contaminants in Iranian Drinking Water and their Health Outcomes: A Review

صفحه 1450-1474
Abdolmajid Fadaei


Integrated Environmental Assessment of Unsustainable Exploitation and Pollution of Shared Water Resources in Transboundary Basins of Semi-arid and Arid Regions. Case Study: Tigris-Euphrates River Basin

صفحه 1475-1495
Lobat Zebardast؛ Jahanbakhsh Balist؛ Hazhir Karimi


Effect of Copper on Cadmium-Resistant Plants of Agrostis stolonifera

صفحه 1496-1500
Evgeny Aleksandrovich Gladkov؛ Olga Nikolaevna Gladkova


Reducing Environmental Pollutants by using Triorganotin(IV)-Tyrosine Complexes that Prolong the Life of the Polymers used in Outdoor Patios

صفحه 1501-1514
Rafid R. Arraq؛ Angham G. Hadi؛ Dina S. Ahmed؛ Khalid Zainulabdeen؛ Hassan Hashim؛ Ahmed A. Ahmed؛ Rahimi M. Yusop؛ Ali H. Jawad؛ Salam A. Mohammed؛ Ahmed Al-Amiery؛ Emad Yousif


Assessment of Non-Ionizing Radiation Emissions from Cell Phone Towers

صفحه 1515-1524
Murtadha Alkhalidi؛ Mundher Al-Shakban؛ Ahmed Kalifa؛ Hamzah A. Abdul Ridha


Fuzzy Inference of Air Quality – A case study of Vadodara City

صفحه 1525-1537
Nihalani Seema


Analytical Methods for Extraction, Determination and Degradation of Diazinon in Soil Samples

صفحه 1538-1553
Shiva Dehghan Abkenar؛ Nazanin khakipour؛ Mohammad Reza Ganjali


Effect of Auto Road on Spatial Metal Distribution in Dust and Snow Cover

صفحه 1554-1566
Gabriel Ankomah Baah؛ Igor Savin؛ Olga Rogova


Performance Evaluation of Different Soil Media by Batch-Operated Pilot-Scale Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

صفحه 1567-1578
Arvind Kumar Swarnakar؛ Samir Bajpai؛ Ishtiyaq Ahmad


Forecasting and Seasonal Investigation of PM10 Concentration Trend: a Time Series and Trend Analysis Study in Tehran

صفحه 1579-1588
Alireza Pardakhti؛ Hosein Baheeraei؛ Sam Dehhaghi


An Investigation on Advances in Metal Extraction from Electronic Wastes by Supercritical Water and Carbon Dioxide

صفحه 1589-1608
Hamed Fallah Haghighi؛ Jamshid Khorshidi؛ Taleb Zarei؛ Younes Bakhshan


Prioritizing Local Biomass Resources for Biofuel Production by a Fuzzy Hybrid Decision Making Approach (The Case of Hormozgan Province in Iran)

صفحه 1609-1623
Ahmad nohegar؛ Mina Alavi Naeini؛ Ali Alavi naeini


Urban Rivers Landscape Services Assessment Based on Public Perception in Mehranrood River, Tabriz, Iran

صفحه 1624-1637
Hassan Darabi؛ Parisa Rasouli Dehkharghani؛ Amir Houshang Ehsani؛ Hadis Kordani


Removal of Vat Green 3 Dye from Aqua Solution using Chemical Coagulants and Okra Pods as Natural Coagulant by Coagulation-Flocculation Process

صفحه 1638-1652
Tamara Kawther Hussein


Assessment of some Heavy Metals and Health Risks in Water and Shrimps from a Polluted Mangrove Swamp, Niger Delta, Nigeria

صفحه 1653-1665
Davies, Ibienebo Chris Chris Davies؛ Emeka Donald Anyanwu


Biochar Derived from the Husk and Straw of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Produced via Low-Temperature Pyrolysis as an Effective Adsorbent for Pb (II) Removal

صفحه 1666-1675
Pimprapa Chaijak؛ Panisa Michu؛ Junjira Thipraksa؛ Alisa Kongthong


Status, Health Effects and Remediation Techniques of E-waste – A Review

صفحه 1676-1705
Shailu Dalal Guin؛ Surinder Deswal


A Review on Global Pesticide Use and Food Contamination: African Perspective

صفحه 1706-1730
Fagbohun Adebisi؛ Mary Dauda؛ Toba Anjorin


Treatment of Fish Processing Wastewater by Alum and PAM: A Comparative Study on Turbidity, COD, BOD, and Rheological Properties

صفحه 1731-1740
Hanan Ahmed Said AL Riyami؛ Salam Kadhim Al Dawery؛ Sreedhar Reddy؛ Anwar Ahmed


Enhanced Microbial and Total petroleum hydrocarbon degradation in Crude-Oil Polluted Soils using Agro-Wastes

صفحه 1741-1753
Reagan Bessong Agbor؛ Ndem Eyogor Edu؛ Eno Ndarake Asuquo؛ Etta Akpang Ivon؛ Simon Alain Inah؛ Obase-Etta Bebia


Feasibility of Production of PET/ZIF-8 Polymer Media to Remove Particles from the Air Stream Compared to HEPA Filter

صفحه 1754-1765
Meghdad Kazemi؛ Saba Kalantary؛ Ali Reza Abbasi؛ Abbas Rahimi Foroushani؛ Farideh Golbabaei


Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide by Metal-Organic Frameworks: an Effective Approach for CO2 Utilization

صفحه 1766-1775
Leila Tayebi؛ Rahmatollah Rahimi؛ Ali Reza Akbarzadeh


Dust Emission Calculation and Forecasting using CALPUFF and GCM models

صفحه 1776-1795
Mahsa Tamjidi؛ Madjid Abbaspour؛ Yousef Rashidi؛ Alireza Mirzahosseini


A Preliminary Study on the Water Quality from two Estuaries in Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia

صفحه 1796-1807
Herlina Fitrihidajati؛ Tarzan Purnomo؛ Fida Rachmadiarti؛ Reni Ambarwati؛ Rofiza Yolanda


The Effects of Seasonal Changes of Ambient Temperature and Humidity on Exhaust Pipe Emissions and Greenhouse Gases

صفحه 1808-1818
Seyed Erfan Hoseinifar؛ Majid Shafiepour Motlagh؛ Khosro Ashrafi؛ Mohammad Reza Ahadi


Measurement of Natural Radioactivity Levels and Evaluation of Radiological Hazard Risks in Areas of Eastern Coastline Sediments of Lake Hawassa in Ethiopia’s Sidama Region

صفحه 1819-1837
Messele Kebede Kassa؛ Tilahun Tesfaye Deressu


Detection of Microplastics in Drinking Water Treatment Plants in Baghdad City/Iraq

صفحه 1838-1849
Hassan H. Sultan؛ Mohammad Abdul Wahab Shaker Al-Aadhami؛ Noor Nihad Baqer


Origin of Heavy Metals amongst Nuisance Dust-Fall Particles in Western Iran

صفحه 1850-1861
Mahdi Rajabi؛ Bubak Souri


Cold plasma Technology for Removal of Endotoxin from Dialysis Water

صفحه 1862-1866
Shaimaa Fakhri Jasim؛ Yasamen Raad Humudat؛ Suadad Awad Kadhim


Gamma Radiation Profile of the High Background Radiation Area along Southwest Coastal India and its Neighbourhood

صفحه 1867-1879
Soniya Sukumaran Chettiar Rajamma؛ Sunila Abraham؛ Jojo Panakal John


Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities Based on Long-Term Planning Supported by a Fuzzy Cognitive Map

صفحه 1880-1894
Alireza Eftekhar؛ Qiuomars Yazdanpanah Dero؛ Alireza Zaker Esfehani


Chemical Fraction and Health Effect of Size Segregate PM at National Highway of Northern India

صفحه 1895-1913
Rahul Tiwari؛ Akshay Botle؛ Kalpana Rajouriya؛ Prabal P Singh؛ Ajay Taneja


Investigating the Impact of Virtual Education on Air Pollution Indicators in Tehran during the COVID-19 Outbreak

صفحه 1914-1924
Reza Omidifar؛ Ebrahim Mazari؛ Rezvan Ostadalidehaghi


Optimized Zinc Uptake from the Aquatic Environment Using Biomass Derived from Lantana Camara L. Stem

صفحه 1925-1934
Mohsen Samimi؛ Jafar Nouri


Review of Phytoremediation for Arsenic-Contaminated Soils: Mechanisms and Challenges

صفحه 1935-1951
Mehdi Soltanian؛ Saba Salmak؛ Toktam Shahriari

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب