Biosurfactants and their Use in Upgrading Petroleum Vacuum Distillation Residue: A Review

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M. Mazaheri Assadi؛ M.S. Tabatabaee


Multi-Criteria Decision-based Model for Road Network Process

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Water and Wastewater Minimization in Tehran Oil Refinery using Water Pinch Analysis

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Genotoxic Effects of Electromagnetic Fields from High Voltage Power Lines on Some Plants

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Adsorption of fluoride from water by Al3+ and Fe3+ pretreated natural Iranian zeolites

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Recyclable Rubber Sheets Impregnated with Potassium Oxalate doped TiO2 and their uses in Decolorization of Dye-Polluted Waters

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ch. Suwanchawalit؛ Ch. Sriwong؛ S. Wongnawa


Heavy Metal Pollution in Kabini River Sediments

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Corporations Response to the Energy Saving and Pollution Abatement Policy

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Distribution of Heavy Metals around the Dashkasan Au Mine

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Enhancement Biodegradation of n-alkanes from Crude Oil Contaminated Seawater

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M.A. Zahed؛ H.A. Aziz؛ M.H. Isa؛ L. Mohajeri


Preparation of Pellets by Urban Waste Compost

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Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration in a Marine Area

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Role of E-shopping Management Strategy in Urban Environment

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Spatial Variability and Contamination of Heavy Metals in the Inter-tidal Systems of a Tropical Environment

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A GIS Based Assessment Tool for Biodiversity Conservation

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Flow Regulation for Water Quality (chlorophyll a) Improvement

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Ecological Impact Analysis on Mahshahr Petrochemical Industries Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

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Precipitation Chelation of Cyanide Complexes in Electroplating Industry Wastewater

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R. Naim؛ L. Kisay؛ J. Park؛ M. Qaisar؛ A.B. Zulfiqar؛ M. Noshin؛ K. Jamil


Efficiency of Landsat ETM+ Thermal Band for Land Cover Classification of the Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians” (Central Europe) Using SMAP and ML Algorithms

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Improving Competitive Advantage with Environmental Infrastructure Sharing: A Case Study of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park

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Approaching Zero-discharge with Cleaner Production: Case Study of a Sulfide Mine Flotation Plant in China

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Z. Yuan؛ Sh. Sun؛ J. Bi.


Simulating Multi-Objective Spatial Optimization Allocation of Land Use Based on the Integration of Multi-Agent System and Genetic Algorithm

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H.H. Zhang؛ Y.N. Zeng؛ L. Bian


Stormwater Quality from Gas Stations in Tijuana, Mexico

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An Investigation on Heavy Metals in an Industrial Area in Greece

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P. Razos؛ A. Christides


Management of Urban Solid Waste Pollution in Developing Countries

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G. Firdaus؛ A. Ahmad


Model Simulation of Biodegradation of Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbon in a Microcosm

صفحه 807-816
C.N. Owabor؛ S.E. Ogbeide؛ A.A. Susu


Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on Sorption of Malachite Green using Hydrilla Verticillata Biomass

صفحه 817-824
R. Rajesh Kannan؛ M. Rajasimman؛ N. Rajamohan؛ B. Sivaprakash


Effect of Sludge Initial Depth on the Fate of Pathogens in Sand Drying Beds in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

صفحه 825-836
M.H. Al-Malack


A new Fuzzy-LOGIC based Model for Chlorophyll-a in Pulicat Lagoon, India

صفحه 837-848
H. Santhanam؛ S. Amal Raj


Effect of the Ammonium ChlorideConcentration on the Mineral Medium Composition – Biodegradation of Phenol by a Microbial Consortium

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A. Hamitouche؛ A. Amrane؛ Z. Bendjama؛ F. Kaouah


Adsorption and Stabilization of Phenol by Modified Local Clay

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H. Belarbi؛ M.H. Al-Malack


Geochemistry of Core Sediments from Gulf of Mannar, India

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M. Sundararajan؛ S. Srinivasalu


Vertical Distribution of Heavy Metals and Enrichment in the South China Sea Sediment Cores

صفحه 877-886
Kh. Rezaee؛ E.B. Saion؛ C.K. Yap؛ M.R. Abdi؛ A. Riyahi Bakhtiari


Trihalomethanes Concentration in Different Components of WaterTreatment Plant and Water Distribution System in the North of Iran

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A.H. Hassani؛ M.A. Jafari؛ B. Torabifar


Dissolved Methane Fluctuations in Relation to Hydrochemical Parameters in Tapi Estuary, Gulf of Cambay, India

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J.I. Nirmal Kumar؛ R.N. Kumar؛ S. Viyol


Municipal Waste Reduction Potential and Related Strategies in Tehran

صفحه 901-912
M.A. Abduli؛ E. Azimi

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