The Effect of Backpack Weight on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Changes in Adolescent Students

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hossein hosseini؛ hasan daneshmandi؛ farhad rahmani nia


The Effect of Vibration on Proprioceptive Inputs of Trunk Muscles in Healthy Young Males in the Steering of Walking

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hossein hosseini mehr؛ ali asghar noraste؛ mehdi khaleghi؛ ali abbasi


The Comparison of Soccer Injures at Asian and European Cup

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Mustafa zarei؛ ali momeni؛ nader rahnam


The Effects of Four Different Muscle Stretching Techniques on Flexibility of Hamstring Muscle Group and Active and Passive Knee Extension in Elite Soccer Player

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mehdi gheitasi؛ mohamad hossein alizadeh؛ hasan ghadidmi


The Study of Static Lower Extremity Alignment in Female Athletes with ACL Injury

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hasan daneshmandi؛ farzane saki


The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Metabolism and Metabolic Products in Paraplegic Disabled Individuals Following a Graded Interval Wheelchair Training

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hassan ghadimi ilkhanlar؛ mehdi gheitasi؛ shadmehr mirdar؛ abdolreza jafari؛ malihe hadadnejad


The Relationship between Resting Habits and Spinal Column Disorders of Young Female Student of Shiraz University

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aboualfazl farahani؛ zahra nouri nejad


The Comparison of Two Functional Movements in Knee Joint Proprioception Assessment of Healthy Female Athletes

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roz fouladi؛ reza rajabi؛ nasrin naseri

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