The Comparison of Dynamic and Static Footprint Parameters in Overweight Children

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amirhosien Barati؛ Reza Azimi؛ Hosien Nabavi nik؛ Mihsen Ali Darchini Maragheh


Incidence of Acute Injuires of Iranian Professional Dragon Boat Female Athletes

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Efat Bambaechi؛ Kimiya Mahdaviyani؛ Ali Bagher Nazariyan


The Effects of a Selective Corrective Program on the Scapula and Shoulder Joint Posture in Girls with Rounded Shoulder

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Mahtab Najafi؛ Naser Behpoor


The Effect of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Athletes on Electromyographic Activity Ratio of Patellar Stability Muscles during Maximum Voluntary Isometric Contraction

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Farhad Rezazadeh؛ Hooman Minoonejad؛ Shirin Aalie؛ Aidin Valizadeh


The Effect of Core Stability Training on Y Balance Test Components in Indoor Soccer Players

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ebrahim Mohammad Ali Nasab؛ mansour sahebozamani


The Comparsion of the Electromyography of Leg Muscles and Peak Vertical Ground Reaction Forces during Single Leg Drop Landing between Men with Genu Varum Deformity and Normal Knee

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Mohammadreza Mahaki؛ seyedsadredin shojaedin؛ Raghad Memar؛ Mehdi Khaleghi Nazji

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