Simultaneous Survey of the Impact of Multiple Aspects of Electronic Procurement on Organizational Performance of the Top 300 Companies in Iran

صفحه 1-18
Nastaran Haji-heydari؛ Farhad Eshaghi


Providing a Conceptual Model for Identifying Key Factors Affecting Internet Banking Systems Quality (Case Study: Mellat Bank)

صفحه 19-36
Ali Divandar؛ Ehsan Abedi؛ Mohammad reza Nasserzadeh S


Scale Development and Validation for Measuring Organizational Readiness in order to Implement Social Intranet (A Study in Fars Regional Electric Company)

صفحه 37-60
Habib Allah Ranaei Kordshooli؛ Mehdi Ghahramanifard


Knowledge Management Barriers Identification for the Four Kinds of Business Processes

صفحه 61-88
Mina Ranjbar Fard؛ MOHAMMAD AGHDASI؛ Amir Albadvi؛ Mohammad Hassanzadeh


Designing a Fuzzy Inference System for Predicting the Implementation Success of ERP Solution

صفحه 98-106
Mohammad Ali Shafia؛ Amir Manian؛ Iman Raeesi Vanani


The Effect of Psychological Empowerment on Enhancing the Potential of Knowledge Creation in the Organizations

صفحه 107-126
Nasser Asgari؛ Mahdi KHeirandish؛ Mehrdad Gholami؛ Maryam Khalatbari Moazzam


Identifying and Selecting Enterprise Architecture Framework for A Virtual Insurer Organization

صفحه 127-146
Mohammad Fathian؛ Ali Mohammadi


Performance Evaluation of Information and Communication Technology Corporations in Tehran Stock Market: Inconsistency with the Global Trend

صفحه 147-164
Sepehr Ghazinoory؛ Ali Asghar Anvari Rostamy؛ Amir khorasani

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