A Novel Mercury-Sensitive Fluorescent Nano-chemosensor using new Functionalized Magnetic core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles

صفحه 861-870
M. Hosseini؛ Z Memari؛ M.R. Ganjali؛ M. Khoobi؛ F. Faridbod؛ A. Shafiee؛ P. Norouzi؛ M. Shamsipur؛ A. Hajinezhad


Heavy Metals Contamination in Soil, Surface Water and Groundwater of an Agricultural Area Adjacent to Tehran oil Refinery, Iran

صفحه 871-886
N. Pourang؛ A.S. Noori


Modeling of River Velocity, Temperature, Bed Deformation and its Effects on Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Habitat in Lees Ferry, Colorado River

صفحه 887-896
W. Yao؛ P. Rutschmann؛ S. Bamal


Spatial Pattern of Ground-Level Ozone Concentration in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

صفحه 897-902
P.F. Hudak


Solid Phase Extraction of Organochlorine Pesticides Residues in Groundwater (Akkar Plain, North Lebanon)

صفحه 903-912
R. El-Osmani؛ S. Net؛ D. Dumoulin؛ M. Baroudi؛ H. Bakkour؛ B. Ouddane


Introduction of Participatory Conservation in Iran: Case Study of the Rural Communities’ Perspectives in Khojir National Park

صفحه 913-930
M. Kolahi؛ K. Moriya؛ T. Sakai؛ E. Khosrojerdi؛ V. Etemad


Elemental Composition of Muscle Tissue of Various Beef Breeds Reared Under Intensive Production Systems

صفحه 931-940
R. Pilarczyk


Assessing Environmental Aesthetics of Roadside Vegetation and Scenic Beauty of Highway Landscape: Preferences and Perception of Motorists

صفحه 941-952
M. Fathi؛ M.R. Masnavi


Identification of Inlet and Outlet Locations for Cool Seawater Discharges from an LNG Facility

صفحه 953-960
A. Gupta؛ R. Vijay؛ V.K. Kushwaha؛ S.R. Wate


Ecological Risk Assessment for the Terrestrial Ecosystem under Chronic Radioactive Pollution

صفحه 961-970
G.V. Lavrentyeva؛ O.A. Mirzeabasov؛ B.L. Synzynys


An Innovative Design and Cost Optimization of a Trigeneration (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) System

صفحه 971-978
M. Abbaspour؛ S.R. Saraei


Assessing the Ability of Biofiltration to Remove and Treat Diethanolamine from Contaminated Air Streams Using Compost-Based Biofilter

صفحه 979-986
A. Moshrefzadeh؛ M.R. Sabour


Removal of Common Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions by Waste Salvadora persica L. Branches (Miswak)

صفحه 987-996
O. Ileri؛ S. Cay؛ A. Uyanik؛ N. Erduran


Dissolved Heavy Metals in the Reservoir of Shahid Rajaei Dam, Sari, Iran

صفحه 997-1004
S.M. Shoaei؛ S.A. Mirbagheri؛ A. Zamani؛ J. Bazargan


The Impact of Social policies´ Promotion and the Moderating Role of Location on firm´s Environmental Scores

صفحه 1005-1010
J.A. Mondejar-Jimenez؛ A. Peiro-Signes؛ M.D.V. Segarra-Oña


An Urban Solid Waste Landfill Site Evaluation Process Incorporating GIS in Local Scale Environment: A Case of Ahvaz City, Iran

صفحه 1011-1018
A.H. Davami؛ N. Moharamnejad؛ S.M. Monavari؛ M. Shariat


Daphnia Pulex Toxicity Testing of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Tetrasodium Salt Dihydrate and the Wastewater Effluent from Extraction of Rhodium using Emulsion Liquid Membranes

صفحه 1019-1026
F. Moyo؛ R. Tandlich


Toxicity Effect of Oil Spill Dispersants on Litopenaeus Vannamei

صفحه 1027-1030
N. Delshad؛ M. Emtyazjoo؛ M. Khezri


Desirable Areas and Effective Environmental Factors of Wild goat Habitat (Capra aegagrus)

صفحه 1031-1040
M. Morovati؛ M. Karami؛ M. Kaboli


A modified Geosite Assessment Model (M-GAM) and its Application on the Lazar Canyon area (Serbia)

صفحه 1041-1052
N. Tomić؛ S. Božić


Valorization of Tunisian Pottery Clay onto Basic Dyes Adsorption

صفحه 1053-1066
F. Bouatay؛ S. Dridi؛ M.F. Mhenni


Assessment of Mineralogical Composition and Heavy Metal Pollution in the Surface Sediment of North West Persian Gulf

صفحه 1067-1074
A.H. Pejman؛ G.R. Nabi Bidhendi؛ M. Ardestani؛ M. Saeedi؛ A. Baghvand؛ Sh. Moradi


Investigation on Dracaena Sanderiana PhytoremeDiation Ability for Hg and Cd using Multivariate Optimized Task Specific Ionic liquid-based Dispersive liquid-liquid Microextraction

صفحه 1075-1084
H. Sereshti؛ N. Eskandarpour؛ S. Samadi؛ Gh. Aliakbarzadeh


A Comparative Study on The Acute Toxicity Bioassay of Dimethoate and Lambda-cyhalothrin and Effects on Thyroid Hormones of Freshwater Teleost Fish Labeo rohita (Hamilton)

صفحه 1085-1092
C. Dey؛ S.K. Saha


Investigation on Possible Contamination of Port Sediments by Means of ATRFTIR Spectroscopy and Thermal Analysis

صفحه 1093-1104
F. Oudghiri؛ J.L. García-Morales؛ N. Allali؛ M.R. Rodríguez-Barroso


Evaluation of Pollution Intensity in Different Districts of Tehran Based on Measuring Chlorophyll, Plumb and Cadmium Heavy Metal Contents in Trees

صفحه 1105-1114
S. Ali Ahmad Korori؛ M. Matinizadeh؛ A. Shirvany؛ E. Madani Mashaei؛ T. Talebi Khorabadi؛ S.M. Monemian؛ E. Abdi


A Land-use Spatial Allocation Model Based on Modified Ant Colony Optimization

صفحه 1115-1126
Y.L. Liu؛ D.W. Tang؛ X.S. Kong؛ Y.F. Liu؛ T.H. Ai


Comparative Studies on the Bioremediation of Hexavalent and Trivalent Chromium using Citrobacter freundii: Part I-Effect of parameters controlling Biosorption

صفحه 1227-1134
P. Divyasree؛ J.J. Braun؛ S. Subramanian


Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Reconstruction from Geochemical Tracers of a Massive Coral in the Persian Gulf

صفحه 1135-1144
F. Forouzan؛ F. Ghazban؛ M. Ardestani


Assessment of Impact of Urbanization on Groundwater Resources using GIS Techniques- Case Study of Hyderabad, India

صفحه 1145-1158
H.B. Wakode؛ K. Baier؛ R. Jha؛ S. Ahmed؛ R. Azzam


Case study of PAHs, Me-PAHs, PCBs,Phthalates and Pesticides Contamination in the Somme River water, France

صفحه 1159-1170
S. Net؛ D. Dumoulin؛ R. El-Osmani؛ S. Rabodonirina؛ B. Ouddane


Development of NiO-Co3O4 nano-ceramic composite materials as novel photocatalysts to degrade organic contaminants present in water

صفحه 1171-1184
M. Mohamed Jaffer Sadiq؛ A. Samson Nesaraj


Environmental good Practices, Quality Certifications and Productivity in the Andalusian Hotel Sector

صفحه 1185-1194
A. Garcia-Pozo؛ J.L. Sanchez-Ollero؛ A. Marchante-Mera


Introducing an Integrated Monitoring System for Natural Ecosystems: The Example of Strofilia Wetlands in Western Peloponnese, Greece

صفحه 1195-1202
G. Georgiadis؛ S. Spanou؛ I. Kokkoris؛ A. Tiniakou؛ Th. Georgiadis


Estimating Sediment-water P exchange in Lake Rio Verde (Paraná State, Brazil)

صفحه 1203-1214
C. Carneiro؛ P. Kelderman؛ J.H. Kondageski؛ K. Irvine


New Strategy for a good Management and Control of Pollution Caused by urban Traffic

صفحه 1215-1222
M. Gómez؛ D. Hidalgo


Evaluating the Performance of Artificial Neural Network Model in Downscaling Daily Temperature, Precipitation and Wind Speed Parameters

صفحه 1223-1230
A. Gupta؛ R. Vijay؛ V.K. Kushwaha؛ S.R. Wate؛ A. Shiehbeigi؛ M. Abbaspour؛ M. Soltaniyeh؛ F. Hosseinzadeh؛ Z. Abedi


A new Version of Integrated Assessment Model MERGE

صفحه 1231-1240
B.V. Digas؛ V.L. Rozenberg؛ A.A. Kuklin


Net Flux of Heavy Metals Between Estuarine and Nearshore Environments: A Case Study of the Isipingo Estuary, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

صفحه 1241-1250
R.K. Pillay؛ S. Pillay؛ A. Bissessur؛ H. Ballabh


Assessment Method for Agricultural Landscapes through the Objective Quantification of Aesthetic Attributes

صفحه 1251-1260
S. Zubelzu؛ C. del Campo


Analysis, Assesment and Principal Component Analysis of Heavy Metals in Drinking Waters of Industrialized Region of Turkey

صفحه 1261-1270
B. Poyraz؛ F. Taspinar


Enhanced Bioremediation of Field Agricultural Soils Contaminated with PAHs and OCPs

صفحه 1271-1278
C.P. Wang؛ J. Li؛ Y. Jiang؛ Z.Y. Zhang


A Review on the main Countries’ Environmental Rankings

صفحه 1279-1286
J.A. Mondejar-Jimenez؛ J.L. Alfaro-Navarro؛ E. Andrés-Martínez


Biodegradation of Petroleum Oil by a Novel Bacillus cereus Strain DRDU1 from an Automobile Engine

صفحه 1287-1294
D. Borah؛ R.N.S. Yadav


Use of the Cactus Cladodes Mucilage (Opuntia Ficus Indica) As an Eco-Friendly Flocculants: Process Development and Optimization using Stastical Analysis

صفحه 1295-1308
F. Bouatay؛ F. Mhenni


Public Participation Role in Sustainable Urban Management by Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

صفحه 1309-1314
Sh. Shiehbeiki؛ M. Abbaspour؛ S.M. Monavari؛ R. Arjmandi؛ A. Lahijanian


Impact of the Anthropogenisation on the Metal Bioaccumulation and Distribution in the Spiny-Cheek Crayfish (Orconectes limosus Raf.) from Lake Gop³o, Poland

صفحه 1315-1322
M. Stanek؛ J. Dąbrowski؛ J. D³ugosz؛ B. Janicki


The Wastes Utility in Concrete

صفحه 1323-1328
A. Arshad؛ I. Shahid؛ U.H.C. Anwar؛ M.N. Baig؛ S. Khan؛ K. Shakir


Ship Emissions and Their Externalities at the Container Terminal of Piraeus – Greece

صفحه 1329-1340
A. Kilic؛ E. Tzannatos


Determinants of Public Forest Management Decisions:The Calares Delmundo and Sima Natural Park (SPAIN)

صفحه 1341-1348
R. Bernabéu؛ A. Samos

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب