Biodecaffeination by Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes TPS8, an Isolated Strain from Tea Plantation Soil

صفحه 305-312
morahem Ashengroph؛ Sajad Ababaf


The Different Antibacterial Impact of Silver Nanoparticles Against Legionella pneumophila Compared to Other Microorganisms

صفحه 313-319
M.R. Pourmand؛ K. Shahidi؛ P. Nazari؛ Seyed M. Moosavian؛ N. Samadi؛ Gh. Pourmand؛ A. R. Shahverdi


Karyotype of Hairless Guinea pig

صفحه 321-324
fatemeh - Todehdehghani؛ Mohammah hassan motedayen؛ Shohreh Teimorzadeh


Formation and stability of organic layers around inorganic particles in aqueous media: an introduction to origin of life

صفحه 325-333
Farnaz Jahanbin؛ Mohammad Khodadadi-Moghaddam؛ Shahab Bohlooli


Composition of volatile compounds of extract of Ammi majus from Iran by GC-MS

صفحه 335-338
Sh. Nayebi؛ T. Kakeshpour؛ A. Hasanvand؛ M. Nadri؛ S. Rashidi Monfared


Heavy metal concentration of soils affected by Zn-smelter activities in the Qeshm Island, Iran

صفحه 339-346
F. Moore؛ S. Kargar؛ F. Rastmanesh


Modified F-Expansion Method Applied to Coupled System of Equation

صفحه 347-354
A. Aasaraai؛ M.B. Mehrlatifan؛ S. Khaleghizadeh


RAWSN: A Routing Algorithm Based on Auxiliary Nodes to Reduce Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

صفحه 355-359
A.A. Baradaran


Some properties of n-capable and n-perfect groups

صفحه 361-364
M. R. Rismanchian

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