Assessment and Mapping of Land Degradation in Abuzaydabad, Iran using an IMDPA Model with Emphasis on Land Criteria

صفحه 1-7
T. Mesbahzadeh؛ H. Ahmadi؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ F. Sarmadian


A Study on Dust Storms Using Wind Rose, Storm Rose and Sand Rose (Case Study: Tehran Province)

صفحه 9-18
A. A. Nazari Samani؛ S. Dadfar؛ A. Shahbazi


Influence of Environmental Factors on Distribution of Plant Species in Nodushan Rangelands of Yazd Province (Iran)

صفحه 19-26
M. Mousaei Sanjerehei؛ M. Jafari؛ A. Mataji؛ N. Baghestani Meybodi؛ M. R. Bihamta


An Integrated Methodology for Assessment and Mapping of Land Degradation Risk in Markazi Province, Iran

صفحه 27-43
M. Tahmoures؛ M. Jafari؛ H. Ahmadi؛ M. Naghiloo


Rain Gauge Station Network Design for Hormozgan Province in Iran

صفحه 45-52
B. Bakhtiari؛ M. Nekooamal Kermani؛ M. H. Bordbar


Evaluation of Current Desertification Status Based on IMDPA with Emphasis on Climate, Wind Erosion, Water, Soil and Vegetation: Case Study of Bordekhun Region of Boushehr

صفحه 53-62
A. Pahlavanravi؛ F. Bahreini


Spatial Analysis of Meteorological Drought in Iran from 1965 to2003

صفحه 63-71
J. Bazrafshan؛ A. Khalili


Improving Soil Physical Indicators by Soil Amendment to a Saline-Sodic Soil

صفحه 73-78
M. Khotabaei؛ H. Emami؛ A. R. Astaraei؛ A. Fotovat


Assessment of Severity of Droughts Using Geostatistics Method(Case Study: Southern Iran)

صفحه 79-87
A. Nohegar؛ M. Heydarzadeh؛ A. Malekian


Monitoring Meteorological Drought in Iran Using Remote Sensing and Drought Indices

صفحه 89-97
R. Zarei؛ M. Sarajian؛ S. Bazgeer

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