Comparison of energy related metabolites during peri-parturition period in single and twin-bearing Lori-Bakhtiari ewes

صفحه 149-154
Afshin Raoofi؛ Mohsen Jafarian؛ Shahabeddin Safi؛ Mahmoud Vatankhah


Effect of sesame oil feeding on performance, plasma lipids and ruminal fermentation of growing lambs

صفحه 155-161
Hadi Ghafari؛ Ali Akbar Khadem؛ Mohammad Rezaeian؛ Ahmad Afzalzadeh؛ Davood Sharifi؛ Mohammad Ali Norouzian


Effects of different culture media on optimization of primary neuronal cell culture for in vitro models assay

صفحه 163-170
Mohammad Geranmayeh؛ Ali Baghbanzadeh؛ Abbas Barin؛ Jamileh Salar-Amoli؛ Mohammad Dehghan


Study on serum glucose, insulin, NEFA, BHBA and lipid profile in different productive status of high producing Holstein dairy cows

صفحه 171-178
Aliasghar Chalmeh؛ Mehrdad Pourjafar؛ Saeed Nazifi؛ Foroogh Momenifar؛ Mahboobeh Mohamadi


Effect of thyme, garlic and caraway herbal extracts on blood parameters, productivity, egg quality, hatchability and intestinal bacterial population of laying Japanese quail

صفحه 179-187
Alireza Behnamifar؛ Shaban Rahimi؛ Mohammad Amir Karimi Torshizi؛ Saeed Hasanpor؛ Zahra Mohamadzade


Growth performance parameters in chicken experimental coccidiosis treated with Diclazuril and Clopidol: The need for assessing new anticoccidial resources

صفحه 189-194
Hamed Asadi Iraee؛ Mohammad Asadi Iraee؛ Mohammad Reza Youssefi؛ Mohaddeseh Abouhosseini Tabari


Comparison of broiler performance, blood biochemistry, hematology and immune response when feed diets were supplemented with ginger essential oils or mannan-oligosaccharide

صفحه 195-205
Hossein Ali Ghasemi؛ Kamran Taherpour


Anatomical, histological and histomorphometric study of the intestine of the northern pike (Esox lucius)

صفحه 207-211
Javad Sadeghinezhad؛ Reyhaneh Hooshmand Abbasi؛ Elahe Dehghani Tafti؛ Zahra Boluki


Characteristics of some digestive enzymes in sobaity, Sparidentex hasta

صفحه 213-218
Mahdi Jahantigh


Diagnosis and treatment of a functional follicular cyst in a Persian queen cat: A case report

صفحه 219-221
Reza Youssefi؛ Parviz Tajik؛ Vrya Tohidi؛ Vahid Akbarinejad

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