Application of Heuristic Rules and Genetic Algorithm in ARMA Model Estimation for Time Series Prediction

صفحه 1-26
Mohammadreza Asghari Oskoei؛ Mohammad Ghasemmzade


The Investigation of Alignment of Business Intelligence capabilities and components in Conjunction with Creating Business Intelligence Benefits (case: SMEs of Tehran)

صفحه 27-46
Somayeh Bakhshandeh؛ Mohamad Hosein Rahmati


Developing a Causal Model of Human and Organizational Culture Factors Affecting the Knowledge Management Maturity Using Meta-Synthesis Approach

صفحه 47-76
Younis Jabarzadeh؛ Fereshteh Sepehri


Evaluation of E-Commerce Security using Shannon Entropy & Dempster-Shafer (DS) theory

صفحه 77-100
Maryam Hajmalek؛ Ahmad Tavakoli


Proposing a New Method for Customer Segmentation Based on Their Level of Loyalty and Defining Appropriate Strategies for Each Segment

صفحه 101-122
Samira KHodabandehlou؛ Ali Akbar Niknafs


The effect of Health smart cards for Quality Health care services ( doctor martyr Beheshti medical research center in Qom)

صفحه 123-140
Saeed Zarandi؛ Hamideh Latifan


Proposing a Holistic Model for Formulating the Security Requirements of e-learning based on Stakeholders’ Point of Veiw

صفحه 141-154
Abouzar Arabsorkhi Mishabi؛ Mohammad Musakhani؛ Amir Manian


Prioritizing the Applications of Internet of Things Technology in the Healthcare Sector in Iran: A Driver for Sustainable Development

صفحه 155-176
Rohollah Ghasemi؛ Ali Mohaghar؛ Hossein Safari؛ Mohammad Reza Akbari Jokar


Proposing a strategic model for the development of E-banking in Iranian commercial banks

صفحه 177-194
Masoud keimasi؛ Sara Ramezani


Proposed components of the e-business models based on system approach

صفحه 195-214
Ayoub Mohammadian

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