Numerical Investigation of Size and Structure Effect on Tensile Characteristics of Symmetric and Asymmetric CNTs

صفحه 1-10
Mahnaz Zakeri؛ Omid Basiri


Grain Refinement Efficiency of Multi-Axial Incremental Forging and Shearing: A Crystal Plasticity Analysis

صفحه 11-16
Ali Khajezade؛ Mohammad Habibi Parsa؛ Hamed Mirzadeh؛ Mehdi Montazeri-pour


Unraveling the Effects of Process Control Agents on Mechanical Alloying of Nanostructured Cu-Fe Alloy

صفحه 17-21
Mina Rabiee؛ Hamed Mirzadeh؛ Abolghasem Ataie


Corrosion Behavior of Al-2wt%Cu Alloy Processed By Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB) Process

صفحه 22-28
Mohammad Abdolahi Sereshki؛ Bahram Azad؛ Ehsan Borhani


A Comparative Corrosion Study of Al/Al2O3-SiC Hybrid Composite Fabricated by Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB)

صفحه 29-35
Mohsen Reihanian؛ Seyyed Mohammad Lari Baghal؛ Fateme Keshavarz Haddadian؛ Mohammad Hosein Paydar


Application of Hydrothermal and Non-Hydrothermal TiO2 Nanoporous Materials as New Adsorbents for Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous System

صفحه 36-42
Mansoor Anbia؛ Faezeh Khosravi؛ Roghaye Dehghan


Effect of Silicon Nanowire on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Characteristics

صفحه 43-47
Zahra Ostadmahmoodi Do؛ Tahereh Fanaei Sheikholeslami؛ Hassan Azarkish


Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Prepared by Solid State Thermal Decomposition: Synthesis and Characterization

صفحه 48-50
Ensieh Shahsavani؛ Nourollah Feizi؛ Aliakbar Dehno Khalaji

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