Engaging PhD Students: Investigating the Role of Supervisor Support and Psychological Capital in a Mediated Model

صفحه 283-306
Umair Ahmed؛ Waheed Ali Umrani؛ Munwar Hussain Pahi؛ Syed Mir Muhammad Shah


Intellectual, Psychological, and Social Capital and Business Innovation: The Moderating Effect of Organizational Culture

صفحه 307-333
Hasti Chitsazan؛ Afsaneh Bagheri؛ Amir Yusefi


Towards Supply Chain Planning Integration: Uncertainty Analysis Using Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Approach in a Plastic Forming Company

صفحه 335-364
Yaser Nemati؛ Mehrdad Madhoushi؛ Abdolhamid Safaei Ghadikolaei


Selecting the Right Cause from the Right Category: Does the Role of Product Category Matter in Cause-Brand Alliance? A Case Study of Students in Shanghai Universities

صفحه 365-383
Saad Ullah؛ Shen Lei؛ Shahzadah Fahed Qureshi؛ Jahanzaib Haider


Motivational Antecedents of Whistle-Blowing in Iranian Public Service Organizations

صفحه 385-408
Mohammad Reza Jalilvand؛ Simin Nasrolahi Vosta؛ Ali Yasini


Simultaneous Decentralized Competitive Supply Chain Network Design under Oligopoly Competition

صفحه 409-434
Kaveh Fahimi؛ Seyed Mohammad Seyedhosseini؛ Ahmad Makui


Factors Influencing Young Entrepreneurial Aspirant’s Insight Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship

صفحه 435-466
Gyaneshwar Singh Kushwaha؛ Nagendra Kumar Sharma


Two Strategies Based on Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Parallel Row Ordering Problem (PROP)

صفحه 467-498
Mansoureh Maadi؛ Mohammad Javidnia؛ Rasoul Jamshidi


Two Methods for Measuring the Environmental Returns to Scale Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

صفحه 499-526
Maryam Khodadadi؛ Habibe Zare Haghighi


Integration of Balanced Scorecard and Three- stage Data Envelopment Analysis Approaches

صفحه 527-550
Somayyeh Danesh Asgari؛ Abdorrahman Haeri؛ Mostafa Jafari

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