Effect of Structural Changes on Corrosion Inhibition Behavior of Synthesized N2O4 Imine Compounds for Steel Pipelines in Oil and Gas Wells

صفحه 1-10
Niloufar Bahrami panah؛ Iman Danaee


To Depict Oil Extraction Efficiency from Gas Invaded Zone: Simulation Study

صفحه 11-24
Ahmed Zoeir؛ Mahshid Reyhani؛ Mohammad Simjoo


Measurement of Local Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Alumina-Water Nanofluids in a Double Tube Heat Exchanger

صفحه 25-36
Behrouz Raei؛ Sayyed Mohsen Peyghambarzadeh


A New Step-based Photoreactor for Degradation of Acid Dye using N-TiO2-P25-coated Ceramic Foam under Visible Light

صفحه 37-51
Somayeh Alijani؛ Mohammad Vaez؛ Abdolsamad Zarringhalam Moghaddam


Study of Torque, Drag and Hydraulics of a Deviated Drilled Well using Drilling Office Software

صفحه 53-62
Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani؛ saeed karami؛ Mahdi Golriz


Piezoceramic Element Design and Fabrication for Ultrasonic Transducer of Gas Meter

صفحه 63-71
Seyed Foad Mousavi؛ Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi


Numerical Simulation of a Lead-Acid Battery Discharge Process using a Developed Framework on Graphic Processing Units

صفحه 73-80
Hossein Mahmoodi Darian


Comparative Analysis of a Single Fuel Droplet Evaporation

صفحه 81-90
Somayeh Jafari؛ Hasan Khaleghi؛ Reza Maddahian


Absolute Permeability Calculation by Direct Numerical Simulation in Porous Media

صفحه 91-100
Mohammad Reza Rasaei؛ Fahime Firoozpour


A Numerical Study of the Effect of Aspect Ratio on Heat Transfer in an Annular Flow Through a 270-Degree Curved Pipe.

صفحه 101-110
Mohammad Hossein Seraji؛ Hasan khaleghi


CFD Simulation of Porosity and Particle Diameter Influence on Wall-to-Bed Heat Transfer in Trickle Bed Reactors

صفحه 111-121
Amir Heidari؛ Parisa Shamlou


Analysis of Changes on Mean Particle Size in a Fluidized Bed using Vibration Signature

صفحه 123-135
Samira Jamali-Alamooti؛ Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh

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