Ranking the Trading Symbols of the Largest Companies Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange Based on the Probability of Informed Trade Criteria

صفحه 567-589
Mohammad Mirbagherijam


Modeling Electricity Expenditures using BSOM based on Techno-Socio Economic: A Case Study of Urban Households of Iran’s Provinces

صفحه 591-620
Neda Bayat؛ Ali Asghar Salem


The Impact of Oil Export Earnings on Government Income and Expenditure: A Policy Implication on Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Economy

صفحه 621-638
Bukonla Grace Osisanwo


Stock (Mis) Pricing and Diversification in Africa: Evidence from Selected African Exchanges

صفحه 639-674
Saidi Atanda Mustapha


The Impact of Trade Openness on Economic Growth in Pakistan; ARDL Bounds Testing Approach to Co-integration

صفحه 675-705
Khalid Mahmood Zafar


Revisiting the Nexus of FDI and Employment in International Trade: Evidence from the Emerging Construction Service Sector

صفحه 707-721
Herlitah Herlitah؛ Muhammad Fawaiq؛ Herlindah Herlindah


The Optimum Portfolio Based on Konno Linear Programming Model (A Case Study on the Iran Insurance Company)

صفحه 723-741
Ezatollah Abbasian؛ Seyed Ehsan Hosseinidoust


The Effect of Financial Openness Measure on the Government Size in Selected Countries

صفحه 743-762
Amir Mansour Tehranchian؛ Mohammad Abdi Seyyedkolaee؛ Nava Imani؛ Seyedeh Zahra Zakeritabar


Identifying and Prioritizing Innovative Opportunities for Tourism Investment in Mashhad City

صفحه 763-791
Fatemeh Rahmani؛ Samane Zangoei؛ Ali Rahnama


The Role of Location on Exploitation of Agricultural Businesses in Mazandaran Province (Case Study: Agricultural Processing Industry)

صفحه 793-806
Roghayeh Zahedian Tejeneki؛ Seyed Mojtaba Mojaverian؛ Seyed Ali Hosseini Yekani


Learning Curve and Industry Structure: Evidences from Iranian Manufacturing Industries

صفحه 807-832
Mohammad Ali Feizpour؛ Abolfazl Shahmohammadi Mehrjardi؛ Marjan Habibi


The Economic Evaluation of Optimal Water Allocation Using Artificial Neural Network (Case Study: Moghan Plain)

صفحه 833-851
Ali Sardar Shahraki؛ Somayeh Emami


The Fiscal Dominance through Banking System: A Case Study on the Relationship between Government and Banking System in Iran’s Economy

صفحه 853-883
Ali Taiebnia؛ Mohsen Mehrara؛ Seyed Hamid Pourmohammad Gelsefidi

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