The Mediating Role of Trust and Organizational Commitment in the Relationship between Strategic Human Resource Management and Knowledge Sharing

صفحه 565-586
Khaliq Ur Rehman؛ Iqra Hafeez؛ Farhan Aslam؛ Qamaruddin Maitlo؛ Aly Raza Syed


A Multiple Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Predicting ERP Implementation Success

صفحه 587-621
Iman Raeesi Vanani؛ Babak Sohrabi


Organizational Support, Participation in Organizational Decision-Making, Organizational Politics, and Perceived Social Status among Faculty Members: The Mediating Effects of Status Seeking Styles

صفحه 623-644
Hamid Khanipour؛ Elham Fathi


Evaluation of Social Media Platforms Using Best-Worst Method and Fuzzy VIKOR Methods: A Case Study of Travel Agency

صفحه 645-672
Ahmet Çalık


Market Orientation, Social Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Learning Orientation

صفحه 673-703
Imran Khan؛ Taqadus Bashir


A Two-Phase Simulation-Based Optimization of Hauling System in Open-Pit Mine

صفحه 705-732
Milad Abolghasemian؛ Armin Ghane Kanafi؛ Maryam Daneshmandmehr


Perceived Social Support (PSS) and Work-Life Balance (WLB) in a Developing Country: The Moderating Impact of Work-Life Policy

صفحه 733-761
Mahi Uddin؛ Kalsom Binti Ali؛ Mohammad Aktaruzzaman Khan


Does Fundraising Have Meaningful Sequential Patterns? The Case of Fintech Startups

صفحه 763-790
Houman Khajehpour؛ Seyed Mahdi Sadatrasoul؛ Reza Yousefi Zenouz

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